The days of just accepting that you have bad genes and are going to be bald are over. Hair transplants are becoming an increasingly popular way for men and women around the globe to regain their confidence and hairlines. Here are some great indications that it's time to schedule your own hair transplant.

You're Suffering From Pattern Baldness

The majority of candidates for hair transplant surgery are those that are suffering from pattern baldness. This is a type of genetic condition that results in bald spots appearing at random areas of the scalp. The hair that is left in various spots throughout the scalp is still healthy. These hair follicles are the perfect candidates for transplanting.

You've Talked to Your Doctor

If you start to experience hair loss, it's not always due to genetics. There are many underlying conditions that can cause your hair to fall out. Typically, when the underlying condition is treated, your hair will naturally start to grow back. Some common underlying causes of hair loss include medications, thyroid problems, and pregnancy. It's best to discuss potential underlying conditions with your medical professional before jumping to try out hair transplant surgery.

You've Tried Non-Invasive Alternative Treatments

Before you decide to undergo multi therapeutic hair transplant surgery, you should try some less invasive approaches first. These include low-level laser, PRP, and medicinal therapy. These conservative treatment methods should be exhausted without any signs of success before you opt for surgery. Hair transplant surgery is the last course of treatment that patients should undergo to regain the hair that they lost.

You're Over the Age Of 25

In general, you'll want to wait until you're over the age of 25 to have hair transplant surgery. This is due to the fact that premature hair loss may not be permanent. Studies have shown that premature hair loss can stop after the age of 25. Surgeons will recommend waiting until you're over the age of 25. This way, they can determine if your hair will grow back successfully or not.

Hair transplant surgery is a procedure that you may have heard about and considered undergoing. Before you rush off to your local surgeon, it's important that you consider the four bits of information above. If you've determined that it's time to get a hair transplant, it's important to manage your expectations and discuss the entire procedure with your surgeon.

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