The cycle of the four seasons, each season defines the meaning of beauty differently, and the value of life in this alternation, seeking the meaning of self-existence. The hot summer is the warmth of all things, is also the frozen frame of youth, it seems that always in summer to different life intersection.

Most of the time, clothing is relative to the inner world of a reflection, the same is true of clothing can also give the wearer psychological hint, summer hot, how to reduce clothing to bring a sense of weight, summer clothes cooling three principles can easily help you! Through psychological hints and physical cooling to give you the summer the most cool way to wear.

Three principles of cooling in summer clothes

The fabric article

Clothing fabrics are all kinds of strange, and different kinds of fabrics will bring different experiences. In winter, sweaters and heavy down jackets will feel warm just by looking at them. In summer, if you want to bring cool and refreshing experience on vision and touch, you need to make great efforts on clothing fabrics.

Flax: Flax kind of dress is to summer character, it seems that there is a kind of natural weak, low-key grain arranges every drape properly, the summer languid that lets you is lazy gets appropriate adapt. The fabric of flax seems to be without processing, natural free and easy, it is what plan arranges actually clearly, frivolous and breathable, reduce the closeness of dress to stick oily feeling, distinguish at other fabrics, take elegant and optional, let a woman seem to live in the forest the spirit that does not ask the world, the whole body is sending out languid lazy and casual attractive.

The clothing design of linen fabric is biased to the simple and loose version, which is mainly to cater to the temperament of linen itself. The temperament of female oneself needs to be shown in detail a lot of time, and the dress is best decorate the tool that magnifies temperament. The world is in a hurry, the scorching summer is hot, only the indifferent temperament of water makes people one of the cool. Flax is not simple and pliable, but also with silk chivalrous feelings, without prosperity, only for the calm in the heart, between a firm and a soft, mixed in the messy texture, refreshing a body, simple atmosphere!

Key point: flax fabric is heavy at will, therefore do not want too much decoration, create alone, unique and independent temperament image. This without thinking about the choice of wear, must be very in line with the hot summer wear it!

Pure silk

The rareousness of silk lies in the smooth and delicate feel of silk, and in the gloss between the scattered light and shade. Elegant between lightsome, exquisite details. As the increase of age, the summer of the female is still rigid at cotton qualitative T shirt, appear to have trifle petty gas, the little elder sister of 30 add upward might as well consider the dress of real silk fabric, give oneself gentlness adds trifle colorful. Silk clothing is not easy to wrinkle, smooth fabric, summer wear can also maintain their own temperament, give a person clean and atmospheric state.

The so-called "winter wear cashmere summer wear silk" is to pay attention to the skin the most gentle care. Summer is the season of strong sweat, which has a great test for the comfort of fabrics. However, the silk fabric can be skin-friendly and breathable, which gives the skin the most comfortable wearing experience as if you were not wearing it. Silk brings the biggest surprise to women, nothing is more than the gloss of silk, a simple, easy to enhance the high-level sense of collocation of the whole body, even if the scorching sun also can not block the powerful aura that silk brings to women.

Key point: because the real silk is expensive and the temperament gives dust, will be more suitable for 30 to try to go up the female control, the young female wears to take up to be able to hold up the real silk's temperament feeling slightly.

Color piece

The summer wind brings the temperature, the summer clouds love the sky, and the sunburn sun rises every day to tell us that the summer color is gorgeous and dazzling. If you want to give the visual cool experience, you must not miss the mint green and blue pink, bring you to experience the cool feeling of ice cream color!

Peppermint green: ice cream is the best companion in summer. Its sweet taste and dreamy color make ice cream the most anticipated dessert in summer. How to bring the fresh and sweet feeling of ice cream in one look? That needs to proceed with from color certainly, summer limit color is -- mint green, one eye is pure and fresh, cool breeze belt. The clothes of mint green department are put together, can give everyone psychological hint from the vision, let you experience the refreshing feeling that seems to put ice cream on the body!

Saturation is on the low side, the mint green on the high side of lightness does not pick skin color, still can give skin color enormous lift bright, be basked in by scorching sun skin, need to be saved from clothing color, with brighter mint green lift bright skin color, bold in summer street show gives good figure. Contrast at other color department, the vision that mint green gives a person is enjoyed more relaxed, a lot of time line of sight place reaches is a kind of hint to thinking, when you wear to go up look cool and refreshing, the body experience feeling also can feel the effect that drops in temperature.

Powder blue

The sunshine of summer is the most arrogant in the four seasons, but the sky of summer is the brightest, the cleanest existence in the four seasons however, the evening glow of the setting sun on the sky of light blue collocation, of pink blue mix, gentle and nifty. Pasty blue is also popular with women in summer. With cool and refreshing attributes of the cold tone pink blue, shallow blues, bring people clean and refreshing temperament! The nifty in the female heart and ardent with this tender pink blue inexplicable fit.

Do not need the azure like the sea, also need not the ink like summer night is blue, summer color department should be this light blue, shallow pink, the more pure and fresh color, can let a popular feeling be born halcyon more. The sheet that brunet fastens is tasted is dressed in summer rise, let popular feeling give birth to depressing not only, and as a result of physical principle, color is deeper to the absorption of light heat is stronger, dress rises natural also to meet more and more hot. Accordingly, wear in summer in build, want to retain oneself girl feeling already, also cannot little cool and refreshing attribute, so the dress that pink blue department can make perfect choice!

Key point: when choosing the color system of summer clothing, choose low saturation, high lightness of light color system will be more suitable, from the color to pass to everyone a fresh and clean breath! Also can bring oneself pure and fresh and sweet temperament!

Style article

The figure restricted by winter wind and snow can be regarded as a relief in summer. The rise of temperature also releases the passion of women for dressing up. Therefore, summer clothing styles are diverse and cater to the needs of different women from various angles. Here are some of the most popular summer fashion styles.

One word led

The living habit of contemporary female is mostly sedentary do not move, this can bring about his lower body slant fat, upper body slant thin, do not coordinate on the figure. How to coordinate the fat and thin on the figure in wearing? That is to magnify their thin, weaken their proud flesh presence. The clothing of one word collar extends the neck line to the clavicle, revealing the smooth shoulder and the clavicle, cold and not coquefish, the simplest way to magnify the slender female, experience the effect of a beautiful face and thin body with clothing.

Henry long women cannot accept direct led a word, a word can also try the left shoulder exposure, seemingly featureless, wear take up but can find that for expanding neckline, increased for the display of the clavicle, the metaphor of a word, natural lop shoulder sleeve, all in a woman's elegance and beauty, little sister also can easily manage on 30 to oh!

Brief paragraph coat

Summer clothing cloth is just right, but long easy to lead to sultry, too short and unavoidably exposed. Short coat is not long not short design, in the short under the long wear to take, to wear the illusion of elongated height, but also can achieve relaxed and comfortable wearing experience, is absolutely summer conscience style clothing.

The summer is worn take do not want clothing to bring about stickiness feeling, because this many women can choose loose big T-shirt, comfortable was achieved, destroyed the line feeling of female figure however. In the season that shows a figure greatly in summer, can not let hot stop your footstep. The beauty of the short top is that its own length can be used as a waist line, with wide-leg pants or shorts to wear, can easily form a 37 golden ratio to wear.

The four seasons have their own style, girls also want the United States through their own life of each season. Want to keep demeanor and cool in the hot summer, today's three principles of summer will certainly be helpful to you, I hope you this summer, will also have beautiful memories!Read more at:Formaldressau | red formal dresses

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