Make your product in the USA or Overseas?
The Pros and Cons of Both.

Many people want to make in the USA.  We have compiled a pros and cons list of both to help guide you in this important decision. This is a somewhat unbiased list as we offer both! 

USA made Pros: 

  1. It's made in the USA! 
  2. Low Quantity minimums. 
  3. Quick turn-around times.  
  4. Similar time zone as you.  
  5. More control over your quality. 

USA made Cons: 

  1. Higher labor costs. 
  2. Fewer fabric sources. 
  3. Limited trim and construction options. 
  4. That's all we could think of. 

Overseas Pros: 

  1. Inexpensive labor costs. 
  2. More fabric options. 
  3. Access to more construction methods

Overseas Cons: 

  1. Much longer lead times. 
  2. Challenging communication. 
  3. Large quantity minimums. 
  4. Control over quality is more difficult. 
We can help you understand the best option for you, just submit a request.  Learn more about our manufacturing here.

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