Sylvie de Gil of Jomsy Fashion takes you through developing your own clothing project in seven steps with her new Udemy course: An Entire Fashion Entrepreneurship Course. Through the course, you will learn how to start your own clothing line. This course will take you from inception to pre-production, and teach you how to become a fashion designer. 

Step 1 involves developing your own idea to get started with a clothing project of your very own. Create a moodboard which explores exactly what you want to achieve, and what special articles of clothing you intend to make. 

Once you have your idea ready to go, it's time for Step 2. Learn the difference between a flat sketch and a technical design, which are both crucial for the process of creating your own clothing project. 

After you've done your flat sketches and technical designs, we naturally progress to Step 3. This is the step where you pick the fabric, threading and trimmings necessary for your project.

From there we move to Step 4: learning about the specifics of Tech Packs, which are tools used to tell your production team exactly how you want your items to look.

Almost there! Once you've got your Tech Packs sorted out, Step 5 is all about pattern (the physical foundation of your project).

Once the pattern has been prepared, it's time to get serious. In Step 6 you'll learn about muslin (the first testing creation of the garment), and how to prepare your first sample. 

The last step is Pre-Production. This is where, after your first sample, you make some decisions about your project. Some of these include different sizes, who to contact for production, and the amount of fabric needed for each style. 

Check out the full course at: ;

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