Your smile is important, and one of the first things anyone looks at when they meet you. First impressions count, and a beautiful smile can make all the difference. This weekend, a select group of dentists are being taught amazing new NO PAIN NO NEEDLE technologies to help their patients achieve the smiles that they have always dreamed of. Dr Michael Schneider, one of the leading cosmetic dentists in the world, who is sought out by supermodels, movie and TV stars, Rock and Pop stars and world famous personalities was specially flown in to Adelaide, SA, to share his knowledge of LUMINEERS and Sapphire Teeth Whitening. Selected dentists throughout Australia who care about their patients dental health can offer this time tested, safer, better option to traditional veneers. DO NOT let your dentist permanently cut away your teeth, risk killing your teeth, and risk causing you pain, when you can have a stronger, greater option with NO PAIN and NO NEEDLES and NO REMOVAL OF YOUR SENSITIVE TOOTH STRUCTURE!!!! LUMINEERS are contact lens thin, with more than 20 years of clinical testing, and can be used to treat worn, chipped, gappy, discoloured and crowded smiles. Check out or call 1800 351 085 to find the closest, specially trained LUMINEERS dentist. Don't accept unglamourous, inferior, bulky, more risky, unnatural options. Only accept the best for your health. Your teeth and oral health are so important. Ask for LUMINEERS by name. Only LUMINEERS trained dentists, who care about keeping your teeth safe, can offer you this amazing technology.For the busy busy people out there who want to improve the colour of their smiles, only accept the new SAPPHIRE in chair whitening or SAPPHIRE 3 MINUTE home whitening. Unlike other teeth whitening machines, SAPPHIRE does NOT use Ultra Violet Radiation. It is safe, comfortable, and easy!!!!! Ask your dentist for Sapphire by name!!!For more information ring 1800 351 085 and check out

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