Anarkali salwar kameez have entered the fashion industry with a grand celebration we can say. As you can experience, Anarkali suits have made all their ways to every kind of occasions be it a wedding, a party, a festival or a casual outing with family or friends. In current trends, Anarkali dresses are the most popular and preferred outfits in Indian traditional attires. You look gracious when you wear Anarkali salwar kameez, meanwhile, it provides a stunning and versatile look compared to any other kind of dresses you wear. Even for the most ethnic event, you can carry the culture along with stylish appearance if you wear these dresses.

Being one of the prominent styles of churidar salwar kameez, Anarkali salwar suits have given a wide range of choices to the customers. They not just vary with colours but also with designs and patterns. There are hundreds of varieties available in the market and that obviously makes anyone confuse while purchasing them. The best advice is to go through many kinds of designs and check for any alterations you yourself can suggest to your designer and also preferably go for designer Anarkali suits

Here is a list of few fabulous styles of Anarkali salwar kameez that are chosen from hundreds of designs to give you a clear picture about prominent varieties to go for while shopping this festive season.

Brilliantly Embroidered Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Salwar kameez is the best attire ever which depicts the great Indian art and that is embroidery. Above the waist, these dresses are made with intricate embroidery works near neck at the front and back and also around the belt. Contrasting coloured thread work looks awesome over this beautiful ethnic wear. Sometimes even the bottom frock will have the embroidery works along with stone works to make the dress look much grand than usual.

Large Bordered Dresses

For this long flowing dress, the plain design doesn’t suit all the time. Hence it is made to own a big strip of a designer border. These borders are delicately made using silver, golden or any other coloured threads and are woven to make designs like flowers and other ethnic patterns. Borders can even be dressed using pearls or rich looking stones.

Layered Anarkali Salwar Suits

Anarkali dresses are known for their bigger size. They are not just big in their length but also they are fluffy. The layered round bottom which flows from the belt down to the floor gives the angel look when you wear. Since there will be usually two or more layers of cloth, thinner fabrics are used. The outer layer commonly comes with netted cloth or thin georgette fabric.

High Neck Salwar Suits

When you want to attend official parties or red carpet events where your intelligence is expressed along with your beauty, you can obviously go for collared neck salwar kameez. Knee length of floor length Anarkali salwar suit with high neck and minimal embroidery works and a small strip of borders is a perfect one for office events. It brings the corporate look out of you when you wear high neck salwar kameez.

Anarkali Salwar Kameez with Contrasting Colours

Multi-coloured Anarkali salwar kameez is commonly seen nowadays. For festivals and other grand celebrations where you need to have vibrant look, multicolour Anarkali salwar suits are the best. But buying dresses with too many bright colours may not suit women with all colour complexions. And hence you have to choose the one to match your skin colour.

Thread Works Over Flowy Top

Threaded clothes are in high demand in current times. The work is not made using shiny coloured threads but is intricately done using cotton threads with different colours. Over the dark fabrics, white or yellow coloured thread work looks awesome and similarly opposite match also works well. When you want to go simple and elegant you can opt Anarkali suits with thread works.

Floral Frocks Anarkali Suits

In olden days, floral designs were in great trend. All the Bollywood dresses like sarees and salwar kameez used to have big floral prints over them. The same trend recurred and got famous within a very short span. They give a colourful bright look for your outfit. Though the floral patterns look more ancient, they are also known for modish outlooks. Floral Anarkali Suits will have plain single coloured fabric above the waist and floral design starts below the waist.

As most of the parts of your body are covered with the top only, least interest may be given to pants. But they also need to be stitched perfectly to cling your legs and have wrinkles at the bottom near the ankles. Many Anarkali dresses online are available with all the above mentioned designs. You can even try all the types if you are an Anarkali dress lover and love to go for every occasion only with Anarkali suits.

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