Afternoon with TAudrey

A couple of weeks ago I bumped into a beautiful, fresh and super feminine line of Jewelry called TAudrey. Writing a post on it wasn’t enough, so I decided to sit down with designer Tiffany Ortiz and ask her all about her amazing designs and plans for the future.

TSH: So Tiffany, first of all I want to know how did you become a jewelry designer and how long have you been doing it for?
TA: Originally I started about 4 years ago making things here and there for my friends, tweaking their pieces and things like that. Little by little I started making more and more and through word of mouth started to gain a lot of momentum until finally about a year ago decided to make the jump and open my own company.

TSH: I love the name you have given to your line; it is very catchy and unique. How did you come up with it?
TA: Well I wanted to use my name somehow, but of course Tiffany & Co. is already taken…hahaha… so I got the “Audrey” from Audrey Hepburn because I absolutely love her style and elegance and then I put my “T” in the front to make it more personable.

TSH: Why did you decide to go with jewelry and not clothes?
TA: Although I love the design aspect of clothes, I’ve always been more of an accessories fan. I feel that clothes don’t hold as much meaningful value as jewelry does because they are always coming in and out of style. For example if you get a watch or a bracelet as a gift you hold on to much longer than you would a dress or a shirt. That’s why I try to make my pieces as personable as possible, I like to hand stamp the person’s name or initials so they can feel more connected to it.

TSH: What materials do you use in your designs?
TA: In every design I try to use opposing aspects, so for example I like to use a thick titanium chain and then match it with something softer like mother of pearls. I also use a lot of 14K and 18K gold field so it makes it more durable and of a better quality, a lot of exotic stones and beads, leather…Actually in a lot of my finishings you will find a little touch of mother of pearl which is also related to the “Audrey” aspect of the line since Audrey Hepburn was always a fan of pearls.

TSH: When you are creating your pieces, what kind of woman do you keep in mind?
TA: I like to think of someone who is playful yet sophisticated. I think of women who are on the run all the time and want that effortless and unique beauty. I want to empower women who are always on the go but want to feel chic and fabulous at all times.

TSH: What is your favorite part of the entire designing and creating process?
TA: Definitely the most rewarding and satisfactory part is when I run into people on the street and I see them wearing my pieces. Knowing the entire process that specific piece went through and the store they got it from…I love how chic and nice it looks on women.

As of today TAudrey is available in many boutiques across South Florida and NYC and also online at In the future Tiffany wants to keep expanding the brand to main cities across the US and maybe venture into the men’s market and create a line for just for them.

Tiffany is delightful and her jewelry is amazing, totally fresh and elegant for any occasion. All I know is that my Boho Flair earrings are never leaving my side.

Have a great week!!


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