Mark Frankenthaler in reflective vest works as a tractor driver on the rolling field of Düsseldorf Airport. The former locksmith of the Lekberg colliery pushes the aircraft from the gate towards the runway.

The sticker "Hagar the Terrible" on the dashboard has something to do with the weight of the vehicle: 400 hp with 7.2 liters displacement and 14 tons weight are necessary to move a jet. At the wheel is a Dinslaken.

Mark Frankenthaler, former locksmith of the former Zech Lekberg, works as a tractor driver for the Lufthansa subsidiary LEOS at the airport Düsseldorf. He works with wear a safety clothing and pushes the aircraft on the runway to the start or park area. "Hagar the Terrible" is a medium-sized towing vehicle - what is the name of the biggest one with a weight of 60 tones?

On the rolling field it is loud

The engines of the Airbus 330 are already rotating at idle - 2.50 meters in size. Motors running, something beeps: It's loud. From the windows high above the rolling field, silent faces look. They are waiting for the departure. Some had a stressful morning. Their air-Berlin flight to New York was canceled; they had to switch to the Lufthansa machine.

Mark Frankenthaler can only guess the faces. "To see her, you'd have to walk away a bit." The 46-year-old in safety vest marches in the opposite direction: under the plane. No airman starts without the tractor driver approving the last inspection.

Radio connected to the pilot

The Dinslaken puts the headphones on. He is in contact with the pilot, who is sitting 15 meters above him in the cockpit. Frankenthaler runs around the aircraft: 60 meters long, 60 meters wing span - much to control.

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