Belly dancing is an incredible dance form that has a rich historical background. It is claimed that this dance form has evolved from the folk dances and fertility dances. There is no doubt that the postures of this dance form are truly eye-catching, but the various kinds of props used and the beautifully designed dresses make the dancers look stunning. The props used are of various types and their use depends on the country and their tradition. There are various counties where dancers do not even make use of any types of props.

The postures are already amazing and props add to their attractiveness. There are different kinds of props which are mainly made for the purpose of belly dancing. Some of the most commonly used props are the cymbals, veils, swords, Isis wings, snakes, fans, and canes. All the mentioned props have their roots in different cultures.


  • Zills:

Zills are related to the ancient Turkish belly dancing. People considered the dancers who cannot play this prop are never a good dancer. With the emergence of Bronze Age various musical instruments came into existence. The word cymbals are derived from a Greek word “Kymbala”. These are versatile and attractive rhythm accessories.

These props are affixed on the thumb of dancers and are generally played by the dancers. The musical pattern created by these props and the amazing sound quality is what makes these props an indispensible part of belly dancing. 

  • Veil:

In many places, you can find that the dancers take an entry with veils on their costumes. These props vary according to the choice of dancers. Many of the dancers make use of veils by simply wrapping them to cover their upper body or the bottom edges. By removing the veil wrapped helps them to keep the people attracted by making a variation in their costumes. The transition of the veils acts as an illusion which keeps the people attracted till the last move.

  • Canes:

These props are generally used for Saidi. This is a complex dance form of Upper Egypt which is performed with the help of a stick. The dancers make use of sticks which imitates the men’s stick dance. This makes the dance form very attractive and flirtatious. The huge sticks used by men symbolize the strength and force whereas the canes represent sassy and lighthearted.

  • Swords:

Sword dancing was not very popular prop for belly dancing. Men in Egypt previously used to perform a dance form which was known as “El Ard” that involves the use of swords. Dancing with this specific prop symbolize power and strength of a woman and also reveals their balance. In various regions, this is a tradition that reveals the strength.

Above-mentioned are the few amazing belly dancing props that make the dance form even more attractive. Making use of props reveals the strength, balance and beauty of the dancers. Along with that it helps to make the postures more prominent. Professional belly dance costumes along with gorgeous accessories and props make the entire dance form look elegant.

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