main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=3086607&g2_serialNumber=2POSITIVITY IS CONTAGIOUS!We’re all about being fabulous and socially conscious! These days we’re constantly being bombarded with the problems we face as a society, human race and citizens of planet earth. The depletion of our global resources, hatred and genocide among cultures and races, economic strife etc... We know that there are so many issues but, a lot of us are either overwhelmed by the responsibility to be part of the solution or we’ve become desensitized to it all and we just continue living out our lives. That is why we created CLOAK.CLOAK is a way to become part of the solution. In short, we design and sell cool, unique and fabulous products available at A portion (and in some cases 100%) of the profit will be donated to active and legitimate charitable causes. Our goal is to become a vast resource for socially conscious causes and to develop missions projects that focus on specific issues around the world. Fashion is our vehicle, being a part of the solution to social problems is our purpose.We are a fun and energetic brand that is focused on spreading positivity throughout the world in a stylish way. Everything we do falls in line with our core values: giving, sharing and loving. Our extensive background and experience in the art & design industry has given us much license to provide you with the most unique product offering.Our launch campaign, THE ORDINARY NEED NOT APPLY, features the "Positivity Moves" limited edition t-shirt collection. In true CLOAK form, this collection is BOLD, VIBRANT and FUN. The design is clean and simple. The fabric (heather) is so soft and comfortable. We encourage personal style. That’s why we’re offering an array of color options for you to choose from. Mix, match and layer to create a look that is all your own! Girls, grab your neon pumps and metallic clutches and guys gather your cool kicks and stone-washed jeans, you’ve been CLOAK-ed. Check out images from our look book AT: CLOAKINC.BLOGSPOT.COM or CLOAKINC.COM.100% of the profit made from the launch collection of "Positivity Moves" will be donated to non-profit charities focused on developing solutions to the overwhelming food crisis in the nation of Haiti.Please become part of the solution visit: www.cloakinc.comFor any inquiries contact us directly at: 917.837.5853 or 305.493.1621THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING A PART OF THE MOVEMENT!!!!

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