Architectural photography is not easy. There are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration. Despite having the right camera settings, you might not be able to get the best results. You can always consider joining any photography training course to improve your skills. However, mentioned below are a few tips that will help to improve the visual strength of your architectural photography and capture buildings that blend in perfectly with their surroundings:

Experiment with different weather conditions

The lighting has a huge impact on the end result. You can try to capture at different times to see how different lighting conditions affect the pictures. Often, people find the most dramatic lighting during the sunset when there are bright colours and long shadows. You can consider shooting during sunrise as well since the lighting conditions are quite similar. By shooting images at various times of the day and even in different weather conditions, you can come up with many interesting and unique images.

Try to find different and unique angles

In architectural photography, you can always consider being experimental and creative. You can play with different angles to come up with a unique perspective. Take your time and look for various angles to capture any overlooked detail that may enhance its appeal and take its beauty to another level.


The everlasting dilemma: Should there be people?

There have been various debates on this topic. While many believe people should be visible in architectural images, others are against it. Many reputed and well established magazines and publications refuse to publish architectural photographs with people in them. In most architectural photographs, people are not included because they somehow distract the eye and diminish the true beauty of the structure. However, many high-profile architectural photographers are putting an end to this trend and including people in architectural photographs.

Make use of lighting carefully

Besides the lighting condition, how you make use of light is very important as well. However, good lighting conditions should always be your priority. During architectural photography, lighting can be used to emphasise a particular space or highlight any design. It also helps to create a mood and ambience that hugely influence your results.

Do not ignore the details

In most cases, photographers use a wide-angle lens to shoot architectural photography. It is a smart idea that can give you pretty interesting results. However, many structures feature lots of intricate details that enhance their appeal. While trying to capture the entire facade in one frame, you can miss out on these details. Hence, it is sometimes useful to get a little close and explore those details.

Do not forget the post-processing step

Post-processing is important so that you can tweak a few things in the photograph to make it more appealing and interesting. There are numerous post-processing tools available. While some are complicated to use and designed for professionals, others can be easily operated by beginners. If you cannot use post-processing tools properly, you can always consider joining a basic photography workshop to learn.

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