5 things you have to check before you go on a car trip

Your business trip or vacation should be carefully planned. The risk of unpleasant surprises on the route applies to all drivers, also using safety and comfortable cars. Checking various things before you go can limit your unnecessary nerves and expenses, also keep road safety.

1. Technical condition with the technical condition of the vehicle is like with human health. Problems may appear unexpectedly, either before or during the expected trip. It is better to bet on prevention than repair. Particularly worth noting is the state of elements affecting the safety of travelers? Under the magnifying glass should be located: brake system, steering and suspension. Travel preparation is also a good time to supplement operating fluids: brake, cooling, washer, and engine oil.

2. Tires Heavy safety has tires. The trailer of the problems can be not only scratches or abrasions. Before leaving, you must pay attention to the depth of the tread. For this, a special scoop or a tread depth indicator inside the grooves will be useful. Excessive wear is felt primarily on wet surfaces. Then the braking distance is extended. In addition, you should check the tire pressure, preferably after packing your luggage. You also need to remember about the condition of the wheel or spare wheels. Inadequate amount of air translates among others.

3. Driver's Guide the lists of things to be prohibited include different items. It is important to be prepared for various scenarios during the journey. Some drivers take back spare keys. It is worth keeping them somewhere other than those used as standard. It is good to start with a set of spare bulbs. Their purchase on the road, especially at night, can be like "Mission: Impossible". In many situations, a hook and a tow rope are supported in the trunk. In an easily accessible location, there should be a warning triangle, a reflective vest and a first aid kit.

4. Travel Plan The shortest, fastest, and perhaps bypass of routes and toll motorways? These are just some of the questions you need to answer while planning your trip. Before traveling abroad it is useful to check the regulations in the country of transit or destination, especially speed limits. There is information on the fees for using roads, tunnels and bridges. For longer distances, knowledge of potential places of rest or accommodation will be useful. Interruptions should occur at least once every two hours or every 200 km. Not only fatigue can lengthen the time it takes to reach the destination. Often nightmare is a change of turnout, affecting more traffic. It is therefore worth checking to see if, for example, road sections are not temporarily excluded from traffic.

5. The contents of the first aid kit there are exceptions, but the vast majority of drivers in Poland do not need a first aid kit. However, each of them has a duty, among others. Provide necessary assistance to the victims of the accident. It is difficult without proper equipment, and failure to provide assistance is an offense. On the market you can find first aid kits for 20-30 zł. There are basic medical devices. First aid kits with safety triangle and warning vest are useful. They are required in selected EU countries. It is therefore important to analyze the regulations in force abroad and to make up for any shortcomings.

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