Our wardrobes change over time. From our teenage years to our mid-40's, our sense of style fluctuates and shifts as we do, but there are a few key items that have been found to work with practically any style.

The Little Black Dress

Featured in many Rom Coms, the concept of the 'little black dress' is one that many people know well. The idea is to get a black dress that you feel confident in and that hugs your body in such a way that you feel like you could conquer the world. This dress could be used for drinks, for a first date, or even as an outfit for a funeral.


Now, this doesn't necessarily mean traditional ear piercings, but a couple of pairs of high-quality ear piercing jewellery, hoops, studs, gauges, or whatever you prefer can absolutely make or break an outfit. Investing in gold, silver, or even stainless or surgical steel pieces means they'll last for a very long time and can be used to accentuate any outfit or hairstyle you desire.

An All-Weather Jacket

Anyone who lives in an area that gets lots of snow and ice can attest to the importance of a great winter jacket, while someone in a warmer climate will usually opt for something to keep themselves dry in the rainy months. Look for something made from quality fibers, something designed to cover the purpose and still look stylish. Tan, brown, or black are the most common colors in coats, making them easy to accessorize around.

A Pair of Simple Heels

These don't need to be any specific height or have any height at all if that is your style, but a pair of heels is essential to any wardrobe. Black is the most common color and they can go with anything from skirts to dresses to jeans.

A Simple White T-Shirt

A nicely fitted white t-shirt can be used as the base of any number of outfits or worn on its own. Just like the little black dress, a classic white t-shirt can be easily incorporated into pretty much any outfit.

Every person has their own style, but these items go with anything and can be the building blocks for any wardrobe. Consider investing in some of the above items to improve your style.

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