5 Hacks on Styling Your Earrings


I literally can’t start my day without fashioning myself with my favorite jewelry accessory. Wait, did you just say earrings? Well, I must say, you read my mind here. Honestly speaking, most girls will relate with me here. I know girls fancy rings, chains, and bracelets equally and why not? Each one of them has their roleplay. 

But tell me, can any of these jewelry accessories redefine the way your face or your hairstyle looks? Not really, right? Earrings are the only pieces of jewelry that can enhance your facial features. If you don’t believe me, try out the different gemstone earring styles mentioned below. I bet you’ll notice the difference in your look yourself.

Solitaire or Halo Earrings: Fine Line Between Minimalism & Maximalism

A finely faceted or polished gem studded on a metal rim is nothing less than a piece of wonderment. Be it in a ring, pendant or earrings, solitaires have left their charms in every form of jewelry. Speaking of gemstone stud earrings, they can get you the most needed comfort at home. Think of classic diamond or pink sapphire stud earrings that you can seamlessly style with any colorful attire.

But if it’s for an invitation to a ballroom, you need a pair of earrings more sparkling than just studs. And what else could you ask for other than a classic pair of solitaires accentuated with a diamond halo? Not only it will add volume to your solo solitaires but the minimal diamond sparkle will also create magical imagery.

Drop Vs Dangle Earrings: Occasion Matters

Going for a dinner date with the man of your dreams? You must surely be looking for that subtle pair of white gold earrings that glam you up instantly. But should it be at the cost of stealing off your natural beauty, not at all, right? That’s exactly why you need to have drop earrings in your jewelry case. These small gentle beauties offer you the required shimmer without undermining your facial charm.

But we can’t rule out the occasions when keeping the glamor quotient high can give you oomph over others. Take an instance from this - it’s your sister’s wedding and you are playing the maid of honor. Well, if the bride is going to be the showstopper you can also attract undivided attention with a pair of dazzling dangle earrings.


Cluster Earrings: For a Grand Statement Debut

Simple solitaires display just a single gemstone in the spotlight. But what if we have several dainty gemstones clinging to each other? Won’t that make a statement gemstone cluster that intrigues every eye it meets? That’s what a pair of cluster earrings promises to its wearer.  A glitz is given for a vibrant bunch of colorful gemstones forming artistic patterns. So no matter whether it’s a crazy disco night with your girl gang or a funky hangout with your kin, slay effortlessly with gemstone cluster earrings.

Hoop Earrings: Say it With a Loop

One earring style that has been continuously in a loop is the hoop earrings. Oops, did I just spill the beans!!! Well, I couldn’t hide it from you anyway, could I? After all, I’m pretty sure every girl has at least one pair of hoops with her. And she can wear it effortlessly now and then without giving much thought to it. That’s because you don’t need a reason to style hoops when you know they go well with every casual attire.

From traveling to strolling on the beach, hoops come in handy with sundresses, tank tops, shirt dresses and even jumpsuits. Coming to their shapes, hoops are not just round anymore, you can find them in any geometric loop. Moreover, hoops are just all-metal bodies but can offer a splash of gemstones for an extravagant appeal.


Ear Cuffs: Top to Bottom Glam

Why should earlobes alone bear the weight when you can adorn your entire ear with gemstone glam? Ear cuffs are not just for anybody but the ones who can pull off daring looks like nobody else. From large leafy patterns to intricately crafted butterflies, each design is far more exquisite than it could be described. And do you know what’s the biggest catch? These ear cuffs can be worn both ways, either only on one of the ears or both. In any case, these earrings prove to be the ultimate attention seekers in a crowd of millions.

Earring Extravaganza @GemsNY

Gal, you love styling all sorts of earrings, don’t you? No matter where you are going or what you are doing, a pair of sparkling earrings must accompany you. If that’s not just a wish but a clause in your fashion rulebook, don’t take it for granted. After all, why should you compromise with your jewelry fashion sense when you have GemsNY by your side? Visit the brand’s official online website for a breathtaking collection of gemstone earrings. Get your perfect pick in solitaire, side-stone, halo, dangle and antique earring styles in gold and platinum.

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