Around the holidays, a lot of wives stress over how to shop for their husbands. Thankfully, men are pretty straightforward. They'll either tell you what they want or they'll be really happy with whatever you do give. As long as there's an intention behind it, you can't really go wrong when you consider these fashion-forward options for holiday gifts.

Tailored Suit

Every man needs at least one black suit and one navy blue suit in his closet. It's easy to mix and match different outfits when you have those basics. For the holidays, give your husband the gift of a suit that's actually tailored to his body. If you can find a way to secretly get his measurements, connect with a tailor who can make it happen.

Luxury Sweater

One of the reasons why you'll typically see sweaters in a man's closet is because they're always useful. They're easy to use as a layering piece. They're easy to make a simple t-shirt look chic as well. Take his wardrobe up a notch by investing in a luxury sweater. Purchasing men's designer quarter zip sweaters, for example, allows your husband to enjoy the fine detailing, high-quality fabrics, and craftsmanship that's unlike anything you'll see on the hangers in the regular department store.


If your husband tends to wear a tattered, stained t-shirt and sweatpants when he's lounging around, it's time to make some changes. Consider gifting your husband a loungewear set. Look for a loungewear set that includes a matching pair of joggers and a lightweight sweater. By investing in great loungewear pieces, your husband can feel like he's elevating his wardrobe even when he's at home.


When you're looking for a watch, look for high-quality options. Research timeless brands with a high resale value. Consider the metals (gold, silver, etc) that your husband likes. Get the watch engraved with the date, his name or a sweet message.


Especially if you're a couple that tends to dress up often, bowties are fun gifts to give. They're easy to match with a sweater, a button-down shirt or a suit. Look at your husband's closet in order to see which colors he tends to wear the most. Then, find bowties that complement those outfits well.

While many wives hover in the comfort zone of getting electronics or interesting gadgets for their husbands, you already know that your husband needs to wear clothes. Don't just stop at getting the clothes that he needs. Use this list to get clothes that he'll really enjoy and love.

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