Fashion is an essential form of cultural expression that adapts to suit the current times. The summer of 2020 is a unique time in human history, and the items you see in stores will reflect that fact. Here are the trends to look out for as you build the perfect wardrobe for the upcoming months.



The Spring/Summer 2020 runways were covered in creative uses of decorative drawstrings. Look for colorful cords, creative scrunching, and long ties that drape across the rest of your outfit. This flexible style can be used to accents tops, bottoms, bags, and even shoes.

Dark and Muted Colors

2020 is a somber year, and popular fashions will reflect that fact. Expect to see darker and more subtle versions of your favorite colors on store shelves. Black, grey, and navy-blue wardrobe staples can be complemented with gentle pastels and rich but muted tones. This trend will be particularly noticeable in women’s swimsuits, such as those from; expect black one-pieces to make a major comeback.

Exciting Day Bags

The savvy adventurer in 2020 carries their own essentials to avoid making unnecessary stops. Nothing shows off your personality like your choice of handbag; look for oversized totes, mini-backpacks, and adorable bucket bags. The best bags have enough room for your favorite supplies and can withstand a post-adventure tumble through the washing machine.

Kick-Off Shoes

Nothing says summer quite like kicking off your sandals as soon as you tumble in through the door. The best-selling shoes this year will be comfortable, casual, and just a little loose. Sandals and slides are definitely in, but you’ll also find a nice variety of lace less sneakers, loafers, and other relaxing trends. Brighten up your look with bold colors or select black shoes that go with the rest of your summer outfits.

Bold Face Covers

In a rare moment for the fashion scene, 2020 has made covered faces the societal norm. Expect designers to catch up to demand with a host of variations on this theme. Bright surgical masks, colorful scarves, and patterned bandanas will abound. The main restrictions include filtration, comfort, and breathability; everything else is up to the creativity of the fashion world.

This summer is a great chance to blend modern trends with your own favorite styles. Choose pieces that serve a purpose and make you smile; you deserve to have a comfortable yet fashionable summer.

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