As the final season of Mad Men is painfully drawing to a close, you may be desperately wondering how you’ll survive the summer (and the rest of your life) without it.

After all, the show has been one of the greatest of all time. It’s won countless awards, revived our interest in the 60s, inspired our style choices and has kept us tuning in every week for more Don Draper drama.

While the intriguing plot and complicated characters are obviously your main reasons for tuning in, the fashion it features has definitely been a focal point over the years. In light of this, what better way could there possibly be to keep Mad Men with you always than to start channeling some of its sweet 60s inspiration in your everyday style?

Don’t worry, you won’t look like you’re perpetually wearing some strange throwback Halloween costume if you follow along with the tasteful tips in this article. To begin, just choose your favorite character and get ready for a little throwback style



A fearless femme fatale, Joan is the woman viewers everywhere either love or love to hate. She is intelligent and organized, resourceful and respected, sexy and sophisticated- so who wouldn’t want to channel her style when they need a little extra swagger?

Remember the “Maidenform” episode in season two, where all of the secretaries are being categorized as Jackies or Marilyns as part of a campaign for Playtex? When Paul Kinsey is asked to categorize Joan, he honestly replies, “Well Marilyn's really a Joan, not the other way around.” Joan is confident in her sexuality, but she never fails to keep her look classy, either.

5 Ways to Channel Joan’s Style on Mad Men:

  1. Solid Colored Silhouettes - Joan does occasionally pop out with a pattern for special occasions, but she usually keeps her look simple in the office.


  1. A Nipped-in Waist - Whether it’s the actual cut of a dress, a graphic accent, or a belt, Joan’s waist is always accentuated, giving her womanly curves an ample opportunity to shine.


  1. Some Joan-esqueJewlery -She’s been featured more than once wearing a golden pen necklace, big bold earrings, and/or a beautiful brooch.


  1. An Elaborate-Looking Updo - Her wave, with side swept bangs are so chic.


  1. Unexpected Details-  While Joan often wears sold silhouettes, she doesn’t just stop there. With bows, patterned scarves, ruching, cool collars/sleeves, and all kinds of amazing accessories, her look always makes her stand out in a crowd.



Free spirited, creative, and youthful, Megan’s fashion sense stands out in stark contrast to her husband Don Draper’s iconic grey suit. Taking this into account, it’s no wonder that Megan is known as a style chameleon!

She’s been shown in everything from 60s secretary garb to hippy haute and West Coast casual looks. There is no single straightforward way to channel Megan’s mercurial style. Instead, here are a few of the features from her very best looks.

5 Ways to Channel Megan’s Style on Mad Men:

  1. A Short Shift Dress - Megan has been seen wearing more than one of these, and with good reason. The mod look is quite flattering, showing off legs for days without being too overtly sexy for the office.


  1. A Bold, Fun Print -Whether it’s in the form of a scarf, a vest and skirt combo, a plaid pant, jacket, simple shirt, or lovely skirt, Megan knows what works. Playful patterns have served as an integral way to keep her style youthful and fun.


  1. Flowy Sleeves & Breezy Blouses - In her later looks, Megan is often featured wearing these, and what better time for you to implement them than on a warm day this late spring?


  1. Luscious Locks - Her hair is often shown down with only a slight bit of styling.


  1. Texture - Whether it’s lace, leather, cut outs, chunky jewelry, wool, or cashmere, all of Megan’s best looks play with texture. She either piles on as much of one as she can (i.e. a turtleneck with a sweater skirt) or mixes them all in unique combinations.



Despite a dramatic home and love life, Betty remains a Mad Men fashion icon. She’s gone through various questionable style evolutions on the show, but her signature look will always be worth attaining. 

5 Ways to Channel Betty’s Style on Mad Men:

  1. A Bold Lip - Preferably crimson. Betty has often been seen in pink and coral lip shades, as well, but her best looks are always punctuated with something a bit brighter.


  1. A Cute Collar - Many of Betty’s dresses and blouses have textured, patterned, embroidered, or bow-like collars, all of which bring your focus straight to her lovely face.


  1. The Shirt Dress - With accentuation at the waist and customizable cleavage (you can button or unbutton it as much as you like) the shirt dress has been truly underrated in American society in recent years.
  2. Chic Gloves - She hasn’t been seen in them often, but every time Betty wears gloves you can be sure they’ll make a statement.


  1. Color - Betty is hardly ever seen in basic black. She’s worn baby pink, maroon, white, mauve, peach, yellow, red, and everything in between.

What’s your favorite Mad Men look? If your most loved character wasn’t covered in this article, just watch a few of your favorite episodes and really analyze his or her style.

While the plot may be ever-changing, it’s not too hard to pick out a few constants in each characters look to steal for your own!

About the Author:  Nicole Betti is a vintage style aficionado who has a special passion for fabulous hats.  Her love led her to start Gold Coast Couture, a special online boutique that offers the very best in designer hats and fascinator, the likes of which are worn by Kate Middleton. For more info, visit

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