5 Colored Gemstone Gifts for This Year

Are you the kind of person who browses articles to get inspiration for “what to give your loved one” for an occasion? Then this article is for you.

Throughout the year we have special occasions, be it mother’s day, father’s birthday, parent’s anniversary, or sister’s graduation day, and the only question we are stuck with are ‘what special gift should I give my loved ones to make them feel special?’

Gemstones are rare in nature and so they make a wonderful gift that will be cherished forever by the receiver. At GemsNY, you will get the best and finest quality gemstone jewelry that can be customized according to your needs; we are the craftsmen that believe in redefining luxury, and we plan on making your dreams come true.

Here are a few gift ideas for color gemstones jewelry that are a must-have in everyone’s vanity.

1. Sapphire


Sapphire is the hardest colored gemstone, making it highly durable to be used as jewelry on a day-to-day basis. Now gifting a sapphire ring, pendant, or bracelet that they can wear on a regular basis will definitely be a reminder of how much you love them. Sapphire comes in an array of colors that makes your search for the perfect colored-sapphire jewelry much easier. Sapphire gem in designs like solitaire pendants, three-stone earrings, or a designer ring will be the gift that will always be close to the heart!

At GemsNY, we have a huge collection of different settings of pendants that we are sure you will adore. Click here to check out our collection of pendants.

2. Peridot


Who doesn’t love rings or earrings? Peridot gemstone is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Unlike other gemstones which come in a variety of colors, peridot is one that doesn’t come in a huge variety; in fact, it is considered unique because of its color - Olive green and that is the only shade it is available in.

Now if you’re planning on making your loved one feel unique, then gifting a piece of peridot jewelry like peridot rings or earrings is the right choice for you. At GemsNY we have a variety of settings and designs for peridot rings to choose from. Click here to explore more designs.

3. Aquamarine


The subtle colors of aquamarine are very soothing to look at. This gemstone comes from the same mineral as emerald, known as beryl. It is a fairly hard gemstone that can be made into fancy jewelry which can be used on a routine basis. The soothing blue color of aquamarine makes for the most stunning jewelry like earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Gifting aquamarine jewelry to your loved ones is the perfect way of telling them how much you love them.

At GemsNY, we have the largest collection of aquamarine gemstone jewelry that you’ll adore. Check out our aquamarine selection now!

4. Emerald


The lush green May birthstone has won the hearts of millions because of its gorgeous green hues. Emerald rings, earrings, bands, pendants, or bracelets, whichever GemsNY jewelry you put your hands on will make the wearer feel and look like a million bucks. The lush green hues of emerald are definitely favored as they are reminiscent of mother nature, and wearing it on a special occasion will not only make you feel connected to the earth, it will also bring out the chic factor.

To experience the classy, chic way of life, emerald adornments are the way to go. At GemsNY we have the best quality emeralds ready to be molded into a piece of jewelry that you can make on your own. Click here to get your own emerald jewelry.

5. Ruby


The king of gemstones, Rubies definitely have a special place in our hearts. The rich, red hues of ruby symbolizes passion, love, and wisdom and so it can be termed as one of the favorites among the royalties of the world. Gifting your loved one a red pop-of-color jewelry will definitely be a crowd-pleaser and an ice breaker piece. Pigeon blood red ruby bracelets, earrings, and rings are definitely a must-have in everyone’s vanity.

This year if you’ve planned to give a splash of color to your loved one then we totally recommend you to go ahead and shower your love with sapphire pendants, peridot rings, aquamarine earrings, emerald bands, and ruby bracelets. These are a must-have in your vanity.

GemsNY carries the most stunning certified rubies from all over the world which you can get customized into your preferred piece of jewelry for your loved one. Check out gemsny.com to explore our collection.

Kim Garth graduated with Honors in English literature. She is an author, an artist and a gem enthusiast. When she isn’t reading fiction or scribbling about rubies and sapphires, Kim makes severe (and embarrassing) efforts to impress the clique of stray cats in her neighborhood.

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