5 Accessories You Can Embroider Yourself


Embroidery may once have been the pastime of women required to stay at home and take up domestic pursuits. Whether they wiled away their time embroidering pillowcases and altar cloths or were paid to embroider for dress shops, these women probably did not realize the great gift they had for personalizing everything. While embroidery fell out of vogue for a time, today it is cropping up in all sorts of fashions for women, men and children. Here are five accessory options that you can easily embroider yourself with only a minimal amount of knowledge about this craft.


The easiest style of earrings to embroider is one that looks like a raised button. These earrings are made out of printed material with a satin stitch over some of the colors. The material is then wrapped around the puffed base and attached to the post. Sometimes, you can even find kits with metal discs that you can embroider and set.


Far different from the braided friendship bracelets that may have been a part of your childhood, today’s embroidered bracelets are wide and bold. Often made of wide pieces of neutral-colored material with a traditional cross stitch or satin stitch used, these pieces make very distinctive cuffs for your wrists.


Embroidered felted hats have even been seen in high fashion, and now you can make them too. Choose knit beanies for the winter or felted fedoras for the fall, and stitch a flower or feather on them for a laid-back look. Consider adding sequins or beads to your designs.


While you may be able to embroider a light cotton bag yourself, you will most likely need an embroidery machine for heavy-duty materials, such as denim or leather. You will also want to be exceptionally careful with your design because most bags cost a lot of money and you do not want to make a mistake. Try using an embroidery design or font, such as a crown or heart appliqué, that will help you get the stitches just right.


Scarves are excellent pieces to set off small repeating patterns of embroidery, such as flowers or stars. Be sure to measure out and mark where each stitch will go with a washable pencil before beginning to ensure that your repeating design remains straight and consistent.

These may seem like unexpected places to see beautiful hand stitching, but it is a great way to set these items apart. Whether you are making something special for your wardrobe or are crafting one-of-a-kind gifts for friends, embroidery is a great option. This technique of the Old World has now found its place in the New World and in fashion.

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