The New Year is right around the corner, and the last two years have been difficult with a global pandemic ongoing during the New Year’s Eve. New Year's Eve is a time when people get together to celebrate with their friends and loved ones.

Though 2021 is coming to an end, it's very important to continue being attentive about COVID-19 safety practices like wearing face masks, limiting person-to-person contact, and social distancing as much as possible. 

The last two years have given us lessons in washing our hands, living remotely through our routines, practicing physical distance with all our loved ones, and designing new traditions for celebrating all the festivals.

Here are a few tips to celebrate the New Year while being safe. 

  • Virtual Celebration: Most of you must be feeling disheartening as we will not be able to celebrate the new year with our friends and family. You can invite all your friends and family for a virtual celebration and get the celebration rolling. You can also use your imagination and creativity in creating invitations cards. Decide a theme and ask your friends and family to come dressed up according to the theme. They can also prepare an act on the theme. Design some activities to play in the virtual celebration to add a fun element. 


  • Plan a Drive-by House Crawl: You can plan a drive-by house crawl with your friends and family. It is easily possible if your dear and near ones stay close to your house. In this house crawl, you can drive around the houses of your friends and family. You can also give gifts to them and receive gifts from them. You can consider gifting watches for boys from Timex. Expedition by Timex allows you to handle every rugged and smooth phase of life. It is a trusted companion for every adventure. Drive-by house crawl will allow you to spend a few minutes with your loved ones ensuring social distancing. 


  • Celebration at Home with Family: Decorate your house based on a theme of your choice to welcome the new year and happy beginnings. You can also use your favourite props to decorate your house. You can convert your balcony, background, or living room into a party place. Dress up and put on your favourite attire to enhance the mood of the night. Play some good music to add fun to the party. 


  • Sending New Year’s Gifts to your Loved Ones: When it comes to celebrating New Year, it is always good for you to make your loved ones know that you love them. You can also show a gesture of love by sending gifts to your dear and near ones. It will help you make them feel your presence in their lives. As New Year marks the beginning of a new journey, you can gift the best watches to buy in India from Timex. Parisienne by Timex is an appealing and graceful design. It comes with feminine details to give the timepiece an elevated look. 

We all still need to be cautious while bidding goodbye to 2021 as the pandemic is still roaring. Amidst the restrictions, you can still celebrate the New Year in new ways. 


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