When you go out for the night, you need to pick the perfect outfit. And no outfit is complete without the perfect jewelry. You have a wide jewelry to choose from when you go out. You need to pick something that fits your style and your wardrobe. Here are some great designer jewelry options for your next night on the town.

Statement Necklace

Spice up a simple dress or outfit with a bold statement necklace. A statement necklace is a large, gaudy necklace. It can have thick gathering of beads or gems to make it thick, or it can have a slender chain with a large ornament attached. You can let the necklace stand alone, or you can combine several more necklaces with it. Just be careful not to get too busy with your look.


Your hands help demonstrate your femininity and youth. They also help represent touch and human connection. Draw attention to your hands with pretty rings. You can wear one large statement ring or try a large number of different rings. Silver tend to go with just about anything. Of course, you want to go with designer jewelry to ensure your fingers don’t turn green. You should also consider getting a manicure to really give you a reason to show off your hands.

Body Rings

Years ago, a nose ring or a belly button ring was considered low brow or alternative. However, more and more women of influence are following the body piercing trend. Designer jewelry makers are starting to notice. Women are buying diamond belly button rings and nose rings. If you are going to pierce your body, you may as well use some nice jewelry.


Everyone has a watch attached to them at all times in their smart phone. However, there’s something classically elegant about a watch. Get a designer watch that people will notice when you go to tell them the time. People will think you are distinguished and well off. Even if they don’t, you’ll always know what time it is without having to pull your phone out.

Jewelry is there to enhance your outfit. Of course, you want to pick jewelry that appears effortless and appropriate for the occasion. Always consider where you are going. One piece of jewelry may not be appropriate in the same setting as another piece of jewelry.

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