4 Steps to Become Gorgeous – Ultimate Guidelines


Being gorgeous is not just a matter of aesthetic beauty. A gorgeous woman is one that is confident and happy, a woman that radiates positive energy and a woman that knows her style. Being beautiful means taking care of yourself, but also constantly learning and improving in all areas of one’s life, from professional and family life to updating your skincare routine and wardrobe. We can look for inspiration in the indeed flawless and stunningly beautiful Beyoncé, who’s music can help you feel encouraged to start changing towards a better phase in your life. And to learn how exactly to achieve being gorgeous, just read these few guidelines. 

  • Focus on the staple fashion items to have a fabulous style

Having a breathtaking wardrobe does not mean having an infinite number of dresses, jeans, blouses and so on. This means that you do not have to go and buy every single item that is on-trend for the current seasons. The key to perfection is somewhere in-between and it means adding an occasional update to your closet but focusing on some staple items in which you look and feel flawless. For instance, if you get a stylish jumpsuit, you will have a versatile and fashionable piece that you can wear on many occasions. For a casual brunch, you can accessorize your jumpsuit with some layered necklaces and hoop earrings, pair it with trendy white sneakers, and wear a denim jacket on your shoulders. A classic denim jacket is another essential that you should get in order to achieve a fabulous look, as you can wear in it the daytime or layer in over a jumpsuit or a cocktail dress when you head off for a night out. Simply mix this chic look with a statement necklace and a pair of strappy high heels. 

  • Mix and match different styles for a fashionable look


Although it may seem to you that the only way to wear a romantic, off-the-shoulder dress is with a pair of ballet flats or high heels, you can spice up the look and wear it with some cool chunky sneakers and get an extraordinary look. Additionally, you can opt for layering. In the colder months, a trendy coat, over a biker jacket over a knit top will keep you extra warm and equally good-looking. Furthermore, you can be creative when it comes to accessorizes. For instance, you can wear a street style utility crossbody bag over an elegant striped jumpsuit and some platform sneakers. 

  • Skincare routine for fresh skin


Paying attention to our skin and establishing a skincare routine that fits the needs of our unique complexion is essential for women of all ages. Washing your face in the mornings and the evenings is obligatory, the same as exfoliating from time to time. However, make sure not to go overboard with your face scrubs; using them twice a week can be just enough to peel off the dead skin cells. Another step for fresh skin is something that you may have heard a million times, but for a good reason. Taking off your makeup is the key to waking up with radiant skin, and with the number of practical makeup removers on the market, there is no justification for going to bed with your foundation and mascara on. Next on the agenda in your skincare routine should be serums and moisturizers. While a rich and hydrating moisturizer will nourish your skin and give you a dewy complexion, a face serum will additionally boost your skin and may even help with tiny wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

  • Plenty of water and a healthy diet for looking and feeling gorgeous

While we have mentioned that hydrating your skin from the outside is important, hydrating your whole body is equally essential. Drinking an adequate amount of water per day will prevent headaches, fatigue, as well as excessive sweets craving. You will have more energy, dewy and plump skin, and having less sugary food will help prevent breakouts. In addition to water, it is important to have a balanced and healthy diet. Lots of fruits and vegetables are filled with nutrients and vitamins that are helpful in achieving youthful skin. For example, avocados and spinach have a lot of vitamin E which is helpful when dealing with skin inflammation.   

Finally, follow the mentioned guidelines and enjoy being healthy, happy, stylish, and beautiful every single day. 

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