Canvasses are meant for the painters to bring their vision to life. Tattoo artists showcase their talent on people’s skin. There are myriad of renowned painters with impressible brushstrokes who we look up to. Also, there are a number of supremely talented tattoo artists who have gained recognition for letting people wear some mesmerizing art all over their bodies.

However, one can only see the brightest stars from far away. Similarly, few among the numerable tattoo artists heroically gain huge names and recognition throughout the world. Due to these celebrity tattoo artists' influences, an amateur professional find the motivation in knowing how to start a tattoo shop. Some of the most reputed names who are known for revolutionizing this body art are as follows:

  1. George Burchett

Also recognized as ‘Professor’ George Burchett, the artist is said to be the ‘King of Tattooists’ who contributed to turning this taboo practice into quite a meaningful movement. The celebrity tattooist was considered to be the favorite of the royals of Europe. Horace Ridler, King Alfonso XIII, was one of his customers. His designs were inspired by Southeast Asian, African, and Japanese motifs. George Burchett also introduced the concept of cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.

  1. Horiyoshi III

The renowned Japanese artist Horiyoshi III uses traditional tebori or Japanese hand tattooing techniques to etch the eye-catching body arts. The artist charges huge amounts for his mesmerizing body arts that take years to complete. His books “Tattoos of the floating world,” “Tattoo designs of Japan” depict some of his famous works.

  1. Sompong Kanphai

Kanphai is the famous artist on whom the renowned female celebrity Angelina Jolie employed her faith to get inked. Jolie got her famous tiger tattoo done on the lower back region from Kanphai. The artist was titled “world’s famous SakYant Tattoo Artist.”

  1. Zhou Danting

She is one of the most renowned female tattoo artists from China. Covered with green and black ink from tip to toe, Danting has expertise in Western and Chinese tattoo styles. Her unique style and creativity allow her to stand out in this competitive market.

She is highly recognized for her individual textures, negative space, and background effects. People say that even the other professionals having the expertise in this craft for over ten years fail to do what Zhou Danting is capable of doing.

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