4 Engagement Ring Styles for the Boho Bride

The bohemian look is as classic as it is on trend. Deeply rooted in the romantic styles of artists, musicians, shamans, and travelers, boho is the perfect aesthetic for your sweet and soulful bride. Finding the right engagement ring is as simple as learning a few things about the bohemian easy, breezy look.

Color Me Beautiful

Boho brides aren’t afraid of experimenting with nontraditional colors. If your bride-to-be keeps a variety of colorful jewelry and mixed metals in her wardrobe, impress her with a rose gold band or a black diamond. She may even appreciate a meaningful gemstone that isn’t a diamond. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds can be a girl’s best friend, too.

Just Like Her Grandmother Wore

When she was a little girl, did your bride play in her grandmother’s jewelry box? Chances are she would love a vintage ring. Even if there isn’t a family heirloom to pass down, many modern designer engagement rings are made with a vintage aesthetic in mind, featuring classic cuts and settings.

Another reason that vintage styles delight is their environmental appeal. When a ring already exists, there are no new resources depleted in its production. This is also true when purchasing a ring that is made with sustainable practices using recycled precious metals.

Shape of You

Your boho bride prefers flowy fabrics and fringe trim to sharp edges and straight lines. Get her an engagement ring that plays around with organic shapes, like the untouched beauty of a raw diamond. For the stone’s setting, in place of a machine manufactured band opt instead for something that looks more handmade. If you can see the jeweler’s marks on the hammered band, even better. Your bride will appreciate the artist’s attention to detail.

The More the Merrier

Very popular among the boho set is the layered look. For engagement rings, this means stacking multiple rings on top of one another on the same finger. When creating a stacked look, find two or three rings that pair well together—a smooth band featuring a simple solitaire with a pave band, or perhaps a handcrafted band featuring a nature or geometric motif. This is also a great place to mix metals if you know she loves doing that in her everyday wardrobe.

Since the main draw to the bohemian look is how laid back the style can be, it’s very difficult to choose the wrong ring. However, you can’t possibly go wrong with these recommendations when selecting an engagement ring as romantic and unique as your boho bride.

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