Sarees are the most popular dresses among Indian women. These have been worn by the Indian women over decades. Since the earliest times, the sarees have played a significant role in the wardrobe of the Indian women. However, the way the sarees are worn has been transformed adequately with time. And so have the designs changed in making a saree more and more beautiful. It's true that simple sarees were once used to be favorite and they still are, especially for daily wear. However, for some special occasions too, sarees are more appreciated compared to other dresses. However, these days you need to go for designer sarees for those special events to attract all attention toward yourself.

It isn’t an easy task to select a designer saree, because you are most likely to commit a few mistakes in the process. Here are a few surveys on the mistakes committed while purchasing a designer saree.


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Not Focusing on the Material:-

What should be your focusing point while selecting a designer saree? The design, surely, is one of the most important things to look at. It’s a fact that the design of the saree can attract you towards the saree so much that you might fall in love with it. But you must keep it in the mind it’s extremely important to focus on the material as well. If the material of which the saree is made is not good enough, you won’t feel comfortable at all while wearing it. And that’s surely not something that you would like to face with your favorite designer saree.

Selecting Too Heavy Borders:-

The border is usually one of the most eye-catching parts of a saree. Even when the saree is quite simple, excellent designs on the border can make it look splendid. However, when you’re selecting a designer saree, you’re likely to go for something that catches attention for colors. And you can keep your head high enough to go for abstract or regular prints, whichever suits your choice and look. Along with the prints, if you go for borders that are heavily designed, you might end up buying a designer saree that lacks dignity and sophistication. Instead, going for simple borders can come elegantly.

Not Going for the Color Blocks:-

What color would you like most? You can choose a designer saree of the same color for yourself. However, it’s always a mistake not to go for simple sarees, which don’t play with the colors much. Occasionally Finding a nice designer saree with the right color blocks can be the right choice for you.

Ignoring the Design of the Blouse:-

One of the most important parts that you need to settle while selecting a designer saree is the blouse that you’re going to pair with it. The high-necked blouses are among the most magical selections for your designer sarees. This will make you appear beautiful and, at the same time, smart. So, it’s extremely important that you should select the right kind of blouse while planning to go for a designer saree. Not getting the right blouse can damage the look for the designer saree.


You can find designer sarees in many places. However, you need to go the right way to get it. If you stay in Kolkata, going for Designer Saree at the online store of Banarasi Niketan can also be the right choice.

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