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Spring gave way to summer, and even mild May was now scorching hot. Dressing collocation we are reduced and reduced, only to find that a trace of cool heart. We all know how to dress. No more conformism or limitations. As long as I can wear it, as long as I'm comfortable and cool, that's all I need.

So with summer coming up, how exactly are we supposed to dress? As an ordinary delicate Zhu ~ Zhu girl, the content of this issue will share with you 3 tips for cool and comfortable wearing skills, which can not only be fashionable and beautiful, but also improve our aesthetic of wearing.

Train of thought one: waist line must be the shortcut that wears a good figure

Summer we know dew skin is to bring cool and refreshing feeling the most convenient way, because this countless have the style that close dew skin, sheet is tasted emerge in endlessly, but hard to avoid is in again choose money below improper circumstance, give a person a kind of excessive exposure already look at feeling embarrassed. If the average girl can achieve a V-neck dress that embellishes the neck and shows the small face, don't deliberately try a deep V-neck.

Although sedulously concave show 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings, but the practical hard to avoid that is worn to take weakened many. So how should we wear the specific skin lotion? I suggest you work on the waist line, choose the shape that can show the waist line, or use the details to concave the waist line.

The shirt of very OL wind for instance + wide leg pants is tie-in, besides the relaxed feeling that should maintain tonal, the choice light color department tie-in can build a vision is relaxed. We can tuck the corners of our shirts into the waistband of our trousers so that the waistline doesn't look dull.

Choose a skirt, T-shirt, and deliberately emphasize the waist line. For example, you can choose the same color belt or the color contrast belt to highlight the visual proportion, refreshing and can also show the waist figure, to wear to create a full texture.

Idea two: make good use of silk scarves to add layers to the shape

Originally, when it comes to layering, what people associate with it most should be folding. However, the early summer weather has been very hot and dry, and then fold wear good-looking, but practical and reduced. Then it's definitely not going to work. Because this early summer builds the wear of administrative level feeling to build, I suggest everybody uses silk scarf to adorn above all.

The silk scarf that uses lightsome simple sense to replace sweater becomes shawl, what can have administrative levels to feel likewise fold wear, just differ with sweater is, silk scarf suits chunxia season more, it is cooler and refreshing and colplace rises more also show advanced feeling.

When the shirt is tie-in silk scarf, as long as the method is proper, the layering feeling wears to take to come out as usual.

A baggy T-shirt skirt, paired with a light color silk scarf, a simple knot at the neck. Even if the T-shirt itself is not a bright spot, but with a silk scarf embellishing will be different, look very delicate.

Silk scarf to build the administrative levels of outfit, not only can be used in all round collar, bags, actually summer scarves and hair appear together, the little cute delicate feeling, there is a feeling of very gentle atmosphere, have administrative levels feeling of the outfit, also has the visual impact of the fashion sense, the key is dressed like this summer is cool and refreshing, is worth to try!

Tie-in extends: of course, besides silk scarf can be used to build tie-in administrative level feeling, a lot of act the role of article actually also can very well build administrative level feeling, for instance necklace, bag, cap these sheet is tasted, can build to wear to balance to take in summer likewise boring, bring beautiful administrative level feeling to wear to take.

Train of thought three: break ordinary boring feeling with fashionable element

Solid color T-shirt, basic shirt, jean shorts/skirt. These sheet are tasted be seen everywhere in summer, can want to be worn to build cool and refreshing feeling, do not want to appear boring again, we are about to think of fashionable element to break boring at this time so.

Hollow out little black skirt, hollow out T shirt, the white shirt of lantern sleeve, the jeans pants of small broken hole, these are in simple model because of the introduction of fashionable elements, and become not simple not without interest, so the summer wear take to become different.

T - shirt can choose different material to join together, for instance the shoulder of perspective unlined upper garment is designed and the joining together between material of material, the clothe concept that fastens with color will extend tie-in train of thought on collocation next, summer cool and refreshing fashionable.

Or when choosing other dresses, such as T to match with jeans, itself is a super boring daily collocation, but if there is a new pattern in the details of the style, then the fashion sense will no longer be single, become super interesting, which is also an excellent thinking of collocation.

Dress collocation, this is a very common thing, but because of the most common details of the ornament, it has created a different visual aesthetic, summer, although the weather is very hot, but can be worn by the United States to drop a trace of warmth, why not?Read more at:adelaide formal dress shops | formal dress shops in brisbane

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