3 Great Gifts for Your Favorite Fashionista


Finding the perfect fashion gift is easy in a constantly evolving industry. Choosing gifts is easy to any recipient who enjoys beauty, style and glamour. Here are 3 unique gifts to give a fashion expert in your life.

Jewelry Box

Many fashionistas are avid jewelry collectors who understand the importance of adorning an outfit with fine accessories. It's rare to see anyone without at least one piece of matching jewelry. A jewelry box may be the gift that they need and want the most.

The styles of jewelry boxes vary from small to large, circular to rectangular, light to dark colored and more. Some are lined in velvet, others are made in see-through glass and others are covered in leather. The most unique jewelry boxes function as music boxes, and modern designs may be customized to play someone's favorite tune.

Dangling Earrings

Most fashionistas love earrings that dangle more than any other design. Dangling earrings tend to be big and take on lives of their own, attracting more attention than the actual outfit. Affordable ear piercing jewellery tends to be studs but may include some small dangling earrings. There are an endless number of shapes, sizes and materials that are made into dangling designs.

Fashion Coffee Table Books

Although reading is not a favorite pastime with fashionistas, it should be practiced more often. There are countless books made about style icons, fashion trends, styles throughout the decades and other topics that will interest all types of fashion gurus. An example is a book about 1950s American clothing styles or how Eastern fashions have influenced Western styles.

Fashion books are not just books to read when bored, though. It's easy to pick up one or more ideas about stylish hats to wear or which jewelry goes with which styles. Some books are small dictionaries of fashion terms that are important to familiarize yourself with. Other books are nonfiction stories of famous fashion designers or models and how they developed their individual styles. Overall, there is an interesting read for anyone who lives in style.

Gift giving for fashionistas allows you to be open and creative in your approach. They are known for their large and ever-evolving collections of clothes, shoes and accessories. There is a countless range of gift ideas to choose from and tips to narrow down your selections. In the end, make sure that the ideal gift is a unique addition to their collection.

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