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10 Surprising Reasons Why You Have Premature Wrinkles

Wrinkles are as normal as any other life process, like eating or moving slower with age, can get. Some people abhor wrinkles while some celebrate it as a mark of wisdom and years of experience that you just cannot perfect when you’re still young. Unfortunately for others, premature wrinkles can get in the way of their youth and those seemingly harmless folds can hurt one’s ego. Certainly, if you appear to be aging prematurely then, you must use top rated wrinkle creams to fight premature wrinkles but, you still do have to work on preventing future damage.

What You Dont Know About Wrinkles Can Hurt Your Skin

While a wrinkle care product can take care of correcting your premature wrinkle, you must improve how you protect your skin. To do so more effectively, you must familiarize yourself with 1o top reasons that are aging your skin which you may not have heard about before:

  1. Excessive sun exposure

Other than your age, harmful UV rays rank as one of the top causes of prematurely aging skin. UVA and UVB rays combine to hurt your skin deeply and superficially, leaving behind irreversible damages to your skin matrix. The next thing you notice are dehydrated skin, wrinkles, age spots, saggy skin, and uneven skin tone. 

  1. Neglecting to apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day

Some people love to neglect to apply their sunscreens which can get in the way of daytime makeup. Others apply sunscreen religiously but, forget to keep reapplying throughout the day. Sunscreen is one of the most effective ways of protecting your skin from UV and countering its negative effects even before it damages your skin. Although, you also have to remember that wearing sunscreen does not give you an excuse to bask in the sun all day. Sunscreen use will also never give you absolute protection from sun damaged skin and even skin cancers. 

  1. Poor eating habits

Your skin gets only the nutrients that are in the food you are fueling up with. Make sure every calorie counts. When you have a healthy body, a healthy looking skin naturally follows. Get as close to the raw food source as possible. Eat less processed food and more raw fruits and veggies. Cutback on sugar which weakens your skin’s collagen fibers and loosens skin synthesis. 

  1. Too little or too much exercising

Missing your workouts for most days of the week compromises your body’s nutrient and oxygen circulation. That means, very little of these are absorbed by your body to improve vital cellular level processes, including cell regeneration and renewal. Likewise, it limits the volume of nutrients that reach your skin cells which is then used to create new skin and eliminate old and damaged layers. Without these essential nutrients, your skin is unable to turnover and wrinkles is just one of the tell-tale signs of damaged skin. 

  1. Poor skin care practices

It’s so easy to take your skin for granted when you’re young and have beautiful skin. So, young people think less about how best to care for their skin which is probably true with how you treat your skin too. Sleeping with makeup on, following the inappropriate skincare regimen for your skin type and age, as well as harsh products in your routine can all affect how soon you develop wrinkles. 

  1. Repeated facial expressions

Pouting, frowning and, yes, even laughing wrinkle your skin too. When you are naturally expressive, there’s a higher chance that your skin loses its ideal elasticity too soon. A poker face really isn’t an ideal solution but, you might want to limit your emotions and facial movements when you’re trying to express how you feel with your game face on. 

  1. Gravity

The constant pull of the earth’s surface downwards also causes your skin to sag. When skin loses its firmness, it also loses elasticity. Sleeping sideways every night can worsen the effect of gravity on your skin. This sleeping position also unnecessarily makes marks on your skin that eventually hold up and do not go back to their original position, making wrinkles show and persist.

A study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2016 further proposes that sleeping position may cause the skin to contract or expand, suffering elasticity. The researchers recommend sleeping on your back and refraining from pressing your face down on your pillow. 

  1. Pollution

The increasingly polluted urban centers are making its residents lose their youthful skin too soon. If you live in a city or regularly go to work in one, your skin takes a toll from impurities and toxins trapped in the air. These can hurt your skin by increasing the possibility of infections and other forms of inflammation, both of which can cause your skin to become permanently wrinkled and damaged. 

  1. Smoking

Based on the observations of a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, study subjects who were smokers appeared to have more wrinkled skin compared to subjects who did not smoke. This is just one of the many studies that have shown so. Smoking blocks arteries compromises blood circulation and limits the number of nutrients available to your skin cells to make effective skin turnover to happen. Smoking also weakens skin synthesis. The result: you’re stuck with damaged skin. 

  1. Bad stress

Stress can be positive too but, when stress is prolonged and becomes your way of life, it ages you. Stress is also closely linked to sleeplessness. Without quality sleep, your body lacks the time it requires for rebuilding and repairing activities, that includes your skin. 



There are many ways that are now available to help you better manage prematurely aging skin. However, no amount of products nor number of procedures can ever substitute for skin aging prevention. Take note of these 10 factors that age your skin and do what you can to avoid this. When you do what’s right for your body and your skin, you reap a healthy, radiant complexion that simply cannot be achieved by any other means. 

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