DianaCornish replied to albert mort's discussion Instagram! FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW ONLY.
"I also like to follow those pages on Instagram that inspire me, and your profile is one of them. Recently, I also started to pay more attention to my Instagram page, create a nice feed, post good stories for my followers about style, and…"
May 13
DianaCornish replied to albert mort's discussion UX / UI of Canvas...in decline?
"I am relatively new to this topic. It's a really interesting and aesthetically pleasing work. These types of designs allow you to design literally entire websites from scratch, and it's fascinating. I know how to learn design from…"
Apr 15
DianaCornish replied to albert mort's discussion Covid 19 vaccine - estimated oxygen variation
"Fortunately, when I took the second dose of vaccine, I only chose to take the gun. In contrast, my boyfriend had a fever all night. The side effects are different because we are different, depending on how strong and immune your body is. I wish it…"
Dec 16, 2021
DianaCornish replied to albert mort's discussion 10 Best Pumpkin Pie Recipes
"Mmm, mmm, mmm, pumpkin pie! Ain't nothing better on a cold night. I second the whipped cream part too, it's a must. I found this coconut whipped cream recipe http://blog.creamchargers.co.uk/coconut-whipped-cream/ not that long ago and it goes so…"
Dec 2, 2021
DianaCornish replied to Azupetite's discussion Where Can I Buy Quality Petite Womens Clothing in USA?
"About a year ago, I threw out half my wardrobe because it’s obsolete. I’m a fashion lover, I love shopping, but lately the clothes in the shops have become dull and monotonous. Maybe it’s because I’ve over the hill for fancy novelties OMG. But not…"
Nov 23, 2021
DianaCornish replied to albert mort's discussion real estate?
"An excellent question there. So far as I am aware that Sussex County is a beautiful area, even though it is the northernmost county in New Jersey. They started their redistricting process, which means that it is not the best place to relocate. Try…"
Nov 23, 2021
DianaCornish replied to Kate's discussion Top 10 Video Games of all time
"Hey ! I really love computer games and am terribly addicted to them. I decided to read your list of the best computer games of all time on this forum. In fact, I nearly agree with him, but I would replace some of them with completely different…"
Oct 28, 2021
DianaCornish replied to anupriyadesaint's discussion 10% Discounted Rate for Massage Therapy in Nirvana Naturopathy
"OMG, yes! I followed a course of hydrotherapy, and it genuinely helped me so much! I think I should start another course soon. Besides, I also did Shiro Dhara in the past, but I can't say I was super impressed by this treatment. Anyway, when it…"
Sep 30, 2021
DianaCornish replied to berrylook's discussion Look attractive and sexy in vintage style dress and swimwear
"I personally feel the sexiest when I wear beachwear, but also kimonos. I got myself a silk robe from https://slipintosoft.com/collections/silk-kimono-robe, and I feel so confident when wearing it around the house. When I ask my husband how he would…"
Sep 28, 2021
DianaCornish replied to Liam Thompson's discussion Disclosure of Health Issues
"You could either take Concerta or Adderall. Ever since I was diagnosed with ADHD, I've tried lots of different stimulants, and these two seemed to work the best. The truth is they're both effective at treating ADHD, but I would suggest taking…"
Sep 20, 2021
DianaCornish replied to Nick Larkin's discussion What type of foundation is best for dry skin?
"In countries with cooler weather and longer days with little or no exposure to sunlight, people of this race tend to have darker hair. This is probably something that interests you a lot, and you are looking for an answer like “how do I get a new…"
Sep 20, 2021
DianaCornish replied to halonerve's discussion Cheap trendy clothes for women
"Lately, I have had issues with finding good stores with men's clothing. My husband has a pretty specific taste in clothes, so I was looking for something qualitative and fashionable. Luckily I found wear-london.co.uk. This online shop is like a…"
Sep 13, 2021
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