I was wondering the other day I look like living my dreams. That area of ​​the house beautifully landscaped anytime you feel comfortable and where you energized good.

I suddenly realized how many memories I have of the current one, many pictures, how many birthdays and meetings with relatives and many dear friends I had here.

It is where we all meet again in the evening when we get home, where we receive guests, the place where all the activities happening in the family and the place where, by the way, we'll have a wedding on Sunday. Not mine, but my cousin.

My living room, as we talked in several interviews (including one in the new issue of "What's Up, Doc?") Is arranged many years ago. The bottom of the house (living room, kitchen, bathroom) is all in white, black and red redder as focu '. At the time, my flesh wanted super-energetic color combinations countries that energize me even more. But now, I admit, I want a space warmer, quieter.

So I started looking for new options. Along with my children we played a little in Lem's showroom. Glad to see a very interesting range of styles and colors BOX living rooms, which also have some special offers during this period.

We imagined that every part of our lives living room everyday. Of course every area inspired us anything, other emotions, other feelings.

For example, I was conquered by the apple-green in color, with traditional motifs. It inspired the idea of ​​"back to basics" traditional warm.

My children chose "modern family" red where each device does have his most high tech space.

I admit, I expected to be attracted variant funny yellow more childish, but it seems to have passed the period. Their personality is now the one I had years ago.

I realized that there is no ideal solution to convert now living in one quiet for my taste. Children have priority in the coming years and will probably go on their recommendations. But I decided not definitive.

So I rely on your support.

What Lem's living version you like best?

The living room Playground (yellow)

The living Back to Basics (green)

The living room Modern Family (red)

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