Wedding Dress Style Guide

1.A-Line Dress
The ideal . So it is most popular.
See our A-Line Wedding Dresses:
Perfect fit
As we all know,this dress suits everyone.This is a fitted bodice shape with an A-line skirt. It hugs the waist, so it creates a slimmer waistline and flatters the bust. If you have wider hips, the A-Line will cover them up effectively and if you have narrower hips the cut of the skirt will give you some shape.
What to avoid
The tighter bodice will tend to draw attention to a smaller bust so it will be more flattering if you add a little padding to balance the look. This can be with secretive padding added to the dress or a good bra. A heavy bust will need some structure - often this support is already built in to the bodice, but if not then boned corsetry is a must.
2.Empire Line Dress
Underbust detailing and seaming with an unstructured waist so that it falls in a virtually straight line past the hips and into the skirt.
Perfect fit
The body of the dress falls from beneath the bust, which is great if you have a broad waist and a small bust. The long line makes petite brides look taller. Thinking of Jane Austen, then this is the one to create the perfect romantic look.
What to avoid
The long line makes tall brides look taller. Avoid it also if you have a heavy bustline because it will make it appear bigger.

3.Mermaid Dress
Also known as hourglass or figure-hugging, the mermaid shape is tightly fitted to the body and flares out from mid thigh or knee.
See our Mermaid Wedding Dresses:
Perfect fit
The mermaid shape is ideal for curvy girls with balanced hip and bust measurements - this dress will bring out the Marilyn Monroe in you. If you want Hollywood glamour, this is undoubtedly it.
What to avoid
Just make sure you can sit down in it before you buy it or you may spill out, and if it is not boned then make sure that you have good supportive underwear. Careful if your curves are all in your bottom as it will emphasis it, and avoid if you are straight up and down, apple- or pear-shaped.

4.Short Sleeves
Short sleeves are ideal if you need to cover your shoulders. A tailored short sleeve can balance your look if you are pear shaped, and can square up rounded shoulders if you use a shoulder pad.
Perfect fit
Use short sleeves to show off well-toned arms. They will help balance small shoulders, too. Short sleeves help break up the line, so if you are tall, short sleeves together with a suitable dress shape will make you look shorter.
What to avoid
Keep larger arms covered up by choosing long sleeves, preferably with a looser fit. If you have broad shoulders, this style will emphasize them.

5.Strapless Neckline
Very in vogue for current collections, this is the perfect look for the right girl.
See our Strapless Neckline Wedding Dresses
Perfect fit
This is a particularly elegant look if you have a long neck, good shoulders and well-toned arms. A strapless dress is a fine opportunity for beautiful jewellery. Strapless looks good with a medium bust.
What to avoid
Don't leave everything uncovered unless it looks great - there are plenty of other styles to hide shorter necks, square shoulders or full arms. If you have a very full bust, strapless is unlikely to be able to give you the support you will need throughout the day.

6.Column Dress
Fitted but with a straight skirt, this can be soft and floaty as in a Grecian style or fitted and structured with a straight skirt.
See our Column Wedding Dresses
Perfect fit
The Column dress hugs the figure and looks great on tall, willowy women. This is the one to give you that catwalk look! It will also work well on a more petite figure.
What to avoid
The Column shape sits quite close to the body, so if you have fuller hips, this will tend to emphasize them, and is quite clinging so avoid it if you do not have a smooth outline.
7.Ballgown Dress
Sometimes known as Ballgown or Fairytale, if you want a “Big” dress then this is the one for you, lots of volume and thoughts of Cinderella!

See our Full Wedding Dresses
Perfect fit
If you have a slim-hipped figure and a full bust, the Full Skirt shape will balance top and bottom perfectly, giving you that "fairytale bride" look. This style and the Princess are generally thought of as the most romantic shapes.
What to avoid
Avoid the Full Skirt if you are not full busted, as it will make your bust look smaller. If you are petite, avoid this option because you will disappear into the dress! If you have wide hips, avoid the Full Skirt because it will over emphasize them.
8.Long or Three-Quarter Sleeves
Long sleeves may be provided as part of the dress, or as a separate jacket as shown here.
See our Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses
Perfect fit
Use long sleeves to draw attention to your upper body, for example if you have fuller hips. Long sleeves will also conceal larger arms, and cover square shoulders, provided that they are loose rather than close fitting. A pretty design will distract the eye from any imperfections. Long sleeves will also save you from getting goose bumps if you have a winter wedding.
What to avoid
If you have well-toned arms, flaunt them! It would be a shame to cover them up with long sleeves, however pretty the material might be. Don't use long sleeves if you have a petite figure, because they will make your arms look longer and out of scale with the rest of you.

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