You are young and it is the first time you will be leaving Mom's Hotel? Do you have any idea about cooking, washing, cleaning and other homeworks? Was Mommy every time around you doing this and that for you? So...what's now??? You want to invite your friends..but what and how to cook??..
You never did it before....

Washing and cleaning...any idea?

Our purpose is to help you to make your life easier, that you become a perfect host, and to forget about any of these problems that appear in your daily life. Learning is always good and here you will find always a tip or a trick to get it!

This Website is used as a Tip and Trick platform where people can post their own advices, how they helped them to solve their problems, so that now they are able to share this knowledge with other users here. We have a lot of categories which will allow each one of you to find the answer to your needs.

Mommies and Daddies around the world!

Let`s help your kids by writing your tips, help them to learn how to live and "survive" away from Mom's Hotel!

If you have a good Tip or Trick and want to share it with our Community, just do it by writing an article here, it will surely help others. If you didn't find a Tip or Trick about a certain topic, please ask your question in our Forum or our Chat, you will then interact with our whole community and will get your needed answer..............so.........

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