It should not be complicated to settle on a present for your wife or girlfriend but surprisingly it often is. I'd wish to offer some advice to form buying

gifts for ladies a touch less traumatic!

Here's my list of Do's and Don'ts

Know your partner.

Very important! for instance if she's a 'Domestic Goddess' then she could also be happy for you to shop for her something home related but beware... there is a big difference between buying her the newest kitchen gadget she's been hinting about for ages and buying her a replacement washer . If you're thinking of shopping for a present for the house , then sound her out beforehand... otherwise you'll be sleeping within the spare room for a few time to return .

Buying beauty products?

If you're thinking of shopping for a beauty product then choose wisely and do research beforehand. Look on her dressing table/bathroom shelf. What products does she use already? If you're buying perfume - is it one she currently uses? Perfumes are extremely personal and randomly buying something over the sweetness store counter isn't the thanks to go.

Buying clothes?

Think carefully before buying clothes. this is often one among the foremost difficult things to settle on well. It's hard enough for a lady to urge it right for herself. Clothes sizes fluctuate widely from one designer to a different and you are taking an enormous risk if you think that your choice will suit/fit her. in fact if you have been shopping together recently and she's admired something during a store then you'll get on safer ground ( she might be dropping subtle hints!). If you're determined to shop for clothes then check the designers and makes already sitting in her wardrobe ( and therefore the size... most important!). Maybe choose something more forgiving in one among those labels sort of a casual knit.

How about jewellery?

Don't assume jewellery may be a safe bet. Buying jewellery often springs to mind as a simple option for men from jewelry stores near me. there is no size to urge wrong etc. (well, aside from rings) but there are some points to remember of, if this is often your choice.

Does she actually wear jewellery? this might appear to be a clear point but some women are just not big jewellery wearers. Don't assume all women love jewellery.
If she does wear jewellery, then what does she go for?Precious metals and stones aren't always the jewellery of choice. Some would like quality fashion jewellery which will be worn a day .
Bangles, bracelets and pendants are the safest option if you opt on jewellery.
If you would like to shop for earrings then choose carefully as most earrings are for pierced ears and usually can't be returned to the shop .
If you would like to travel for a hoop then you want to know her ring size or be ready to take the ring back to the jewellers to possess it adjusted.
Don't buy for yourself!

If you think that she might just like the latest technological gadget then confirm she is going to appreciate it and do not covet it for yourself! There's nothing worse then receiving a wonderful new camera for Christmas and having to fight to truly get to use it. ( I speak from bitter, personal experience here!) Same goes for iPad/kindle etc etc.

Don't assume that costlier is usually better.

It's easy just to throw money (well, if you're rich!) at a present and assume it'll be gratefully received. Sometimes it isn't about the cash , it's about the thought that's gone into choosing. Maybe believe a couple of smaller more carefully chosen gifts than one big one. To a lady meaning you've put effort in, which always goes down well.

Don't forget a few treat or experience as a present .

Many women are extremely difficult to shop for conventional presents for, so sometimes it's about thinking outside the box. that would range, counting on finances, from booking a surprise holiday abroad to arranging a special picnic within the park with champagne, all her foodie treats and your undivided attention for the day!

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  • There are so many ways to surprise your partner. You can gift the jewelry and accessories online. Gf or your partner definitely love it.

  • I don't consider domestic gifts a good idea as a birthday present. For me personally, feels like it kills all the romance between a couple. Domestic stuff is mandatory and must be bought on a daily basis, and not as a gift. But anyway, it's just my personal opinion. Personally, I think vouchers are the best gift idea, because it's not money, but also gives the person the possibility to choose. It's the case when you don't know what to buy, because it's always easier if your partner tells you what he/she wants as a gift. Relating to men ideas, I think you just don't know about good websites like with nice articles for men.

  • I think there are so many ideas about how so surprise a woman, and so less gift ideas for men...but the best way is to ask!

  • Some small souvenirs or jewelry will do well. I got my wife this shungite pendant - it looks very stylish and shungite is considered to be useful mineral.

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