The bridesmaids dresses before came with the condition that they are used with matching shoes, but times are changing significantly and many brides lowered their standards. While the options are welcome, many bridesmaids short lace dresses for weddings( ) have been wondering what shoes to wear a colorful dress. Choosing the wrong shoe can result in a feisty bride.


The shoe style will depend entirely on the dress. A peep-toe heels will work well with a dress Ankle, while a half foot shoe will probably be best for a long dress. Who will dress at the knee or above have the option of a large sandal straps. Green works wonderfully for various styles, but if the laundry is very complex, a plain silver or solid green shoe will probably be better. You can take advantage of a simple dress wearing sandals or shoes adorned with sparkles.

Color combination

Another option is to find a shoe that you can dye and do it combined with the dress. Green can be a little hard to match short vintage wedding dresses( ) , but there are dyers shoes that can get a color in the tone and the set will look wonderful. If you decided to dye option, remember to choose a shoe with minimal metal gear to make it easier to dye.


Green can be a very elegant color and shoes you will use with it should also be. silver shoes are easy to find and fall beautifully against the backdrop of a dark green dress. This is probably the most popular color in party shoes, which come in all styles and varieties. You will do well with both a high and low heel  , depending on your height and dress. medium heels are strangers in silver and will not work so well with the green dress.

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