social shopping

Social shopping is a process of e-commerce and of traditional shopping in which clients shop in an online social networking atmosphere s related
to twitter and face book. Using the understanding of crowds, users
communicate and total information about good quality of products, prices and
deals. A lot of sites permit users to make tradition shopping lists and share
them with friends. Others focus on the user interactions attach information and
recommendations that are hard to acquire from the actual sales personnel. Some
services even permit users to shop together synchronously to complete the
social environment to Social shopping sites can generate revenue not only from
advertising and click throughs, but also by sharing information about their
users with retailers. Some services even allow users to shop online together to
complement the social environment. Many social shopping sites allow to chatting
and share a video and images. Almost visitor like to learn that what is popular
products and deals. Visitor also gets a chance to meet follow the shoppers and
makes friends.

They are a lot of site of sites that are designed exclusively for social shopping like digg, delicious, face book and my personal Shopping site –……All
sites are integral Parts of their business.

The success of social shopping as a business model is still undetermined, although several companies like a have managed to publish their services
and gather lots of users.

 If you are customers, social shopping provides a

fun, helpful and intelligent way to learn about and purchase products - and
make friends at the same time. If you are a business, it is a fantastic idea to
get involved in social shopping now. Once you establish yourself in a community
– it will open the door to many other opportunities ahead

social shopping

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