It pains me to see so many women sell their jewelry to cash for gold scams, especially when it is their engagement rings or other family heirlooms. The important items are simply melted down and your given pennies on the dollar for their value. The worst part is, you'll never see your jewelry again. An much more attractive alternative is to get a guaranteed secured loan using your jewelry. The rates are very reasonable, the loan-to-value is very generous, and the best part is that when you decide to pay back the principle, you will get your jewelry back! You never lose your ownership interest in the item unless you default on the loan - very much like an auto loan. I have come across several women who have done this and bought an inexpensive but very nice cubic zirconium ring to temporarily wear as their wedding ring while their loan is outstanding. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or any questions you may have. Does anyone esle have any smart ideas for quick money that you can share with us? Katie Holloway Client Representative

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