Right Apparel Stocks to Invest in 2020?


It was tough to decide either we should buy shares from the stock market or not when it was crashing a few months ago, but now, I am rethinking to invest in stocks. Yes, as a fashion designer and DIY art expert, I always had a dream to invest in top apparel stocks, and now, I am thinking to go with Nike. Yes, I searched about the best apparel stocks and found Nike at the top. They didn't get any adverse change in this pandemic, and their dividend yield is also about 0.85%.

I also checked their per-share price, and it is about $114.79. However, according to my husband, I should this article https://www.amakella.com/stock-market-investing-during-a-recession/ before investing in stocks in these recession days, but I don't want to miss this chance because in boom period the prices of shares would definitely spike and it would be tough to get them. What do you think about investing in apparel stocks? By the way, I am also considering other options like Adidas because their share prices are increased in these days. 

Similarly, do you think the forthcoming wave of Covid-19 could become a reason for another stock market crash? Please share your views. 

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  • Apparel stocks will always be thriving because, after food, people tend to spend on clothes. Nike stock is a good move, and during the recession, they still made profits, and stock prices had small volatility compared to that in the airplane industry. My recommendation is to consult a broker or a managed fund that will help you make suitable investments. Also, bear in mind, a good investor is not the one who trades daily but whose portfolios are efficient and well-diversified. Start by reading https://www.playlouder.com/personal-capital-vs-mint-vs-quicken-vs-m... and choose an app to control your investments better. Do not forget to stay informed. Finance is new every day.
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  • Stock isn't the wrong place to invest money, but you should consider that you should start investing with a significant sum of money if you want to make money on stocks. It is a field where with less than 10 thousand dollars, you won't make too much. Also, you should find a financial analyst to help you find companies where to invest your money. Visit https://timthomas.co/donchian-channel/ for more information. I am sure you will find something interesting here.
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  • I agree with you. These are the right ways to invest because such stocks can make a person rich through passive income. That is why it is worth investing wisely. Do you know what the finance rule of 72 is? ( https://www.dividendpower.org/2021/04/22/what-is-the-rule-of-72/ ) I think this rule should go out to the masses to make more people aware of such chances for financial professionals to better develop on this subject. This line of business has a significant impact, and that's why it's worthwhile to look at such rules better.
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