First, Please understand that I share this information with you in an effort to educate people who are considering doing business with Skill Enterprises.  Unfortunately I learn't the hard way, but if I can help others make the right decision then it won't be all for nothing.

My experiences have been nothing short of unsuccessful with Zubair. I was contacted by them through another source in which they indicated they could provide me exactly what I need. After going through my requirements in very fine details prior to production I felt Zubair had all the information he needed to produce our shirts. I even send a detailed check list via a word document so that he had a reference point. I paid him $300 for 25 shirts that I wanted to use for testing the market 

It took some time, but when I finally received my shirts, I opened the box and the strong smell of mothballs hit me. When I took the shirts out, I noticed holes in the fabric, threading was loose and broken, the seams were undone, the graphics were printed poorly and were crooked, the collar looked like a crumpled piece of paper. I was so disappointed and embarrassed and knew full well that I would not be able to sell any of these shirts so I had no choice but to throw them in the garbage... All of them, not one could I keep. 

I emailed Zubair with photos showing him what I was displeased with and he responded that he wanted another chance and asked me to forget about that shipment as it was just a "trial". I’m not sure why, but I decided to give him another chance hoping for better. In the next few weeks he advised me that he had secured new fabric for us. I again went through fine details of what we needed to correct including the weight of the shirts in which I requested 200 GSM. I also put great emphasis on how we needed to improve the collar. 

I paid another $90 for 2 shirts this time, and when I received them, the graphics were better, but the shirts were 230 GSM not 200 like I had requested, and the collar did not change. But seeing as we were getting very close, I asked for another order to which he agreed... This was about 4 months ago. 

As time went on, I would email zubair without a response, I would try to call I'm on Skype and he does not pick up. I try to initiate a chat on Google Chat but when I do he goes offline so clearly he is avoiding me and is no longer interested in producing what he said he could. 

Derick, I am a very patient and understand man, but this to me is unacceptable and no a proper way to conduct business. I ask you, would you send garments to a customer with holes in them? 

Again, I feel it important to share if only to warm people prior to them investing hard earned money. 

Please feel free to contact me directly if want a more information and also have a look at the attached pictures of the shirts I received.

Zubair - Bad inner stitching.JPG

Zubair Collar 2.JPG

Zubair inner Stitching.JPG

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