Mothers Day Shopping

Picking out a gift for mom, may or may not be a challenge for you.  In my opinion, the more difficult aspect of mothers day shopping is selecting a gift for your wife (if you have one..).


The one major benefit to all shoppers on mothers day is that our "mothers" will typically tell us that they enjoy our gifts even if they don't truly... After all that is what mothers do best.  They try to keep us happy and confident even if you give them a useless gift. 


My question to anyone that cares to respond, is as follows:


Do you think it is more difficult for a man to pick a gift for his mother or his wife? 


This obviously applies to men that are married and have children.  Due to the fact that the wife in this scenerio has children, she would very possibly expect presents from the husband as well as the kids... Even though the wife is not the husbands mother, the husband is typically required to present a gift (if he wishes to stay in his wifes good graces).


Clearly the best gift for a wife or mother is "fashion" or jewelry.  So my question is not neccessarily what is the best mothers day gift (however, you are welcome to list suggestions).  The question is, "for a man, is it harder to pick a gift for his wife or his mother".


In my opinion, it is harder to pick a gift for the wife (IF the wife does not give very strong hints).


For those wives out there, do you expect a gift from your husband on mothers day?


If anyone is interested, you are welcome to comment with your thoughts.

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