Dear network friends I just start to enjoy this r fantastic networking website in fashion, I just want to receive it is possible some little help attending to my needs. I am a Spanish bag design (you can see part of my creation in the site Bea Conesa and my Arabic Chic Style by Jammsa) looking to find an investor in the fashion industry, to find the way to promote and to give to my Arabic chic Style Bags and Accessories designs an international perspective and to improve in the right way. Until now, I have been invest myself, all my creation and collection, doing the sell work, the marketing and communication work too and of course all related to the production of by bags and quality control. I need to contact with investor in the fashion industry (welcome Arabic Emirate because on the style of ARABIC CHIC BAGS, BUT ALSO anyone else investor in the fashion industry welcome). My dream if to have the reputation and the possibility of expanding my product in different market as  EEUU, Asia and of course Arabic Countries and Arabic Emirate and Europe (where I started yet).

For almost 2 years I have been working very hard in Morocco to create my idea and my own label and to design theses special peace I do, but now to continue and to improve good enough in the market and introducing quite well myself I need obviously help. The ways of having a better and proper point of view with a right distribution politic and to produce in high level and to help with the investment I need for all these extra things, is just to find the right investor.

As you see I need basic help for a real proper company or enterprise in the fashion industry that will be interesting in my design a unique this I will really appreciate that. Any help will be welcome any advice or information about website to find investor, directly contact, and anything related to this. Thanks for your help and, I look forward to hearing from you soon, all my best wishes for your personal and professional success, best regards, sincerely

Bea Conesa

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