The bouquet is the hallmark of the bride, she holds while walking down the aisle. This floral accessory can be done with any type of flower casual wedding dresses with sleeves( ) , or even with materials that are not floral. However, some flowers, compared to others, are the most popular choice for the bouquet.

Mixing flowers

There is no rule about the wedding flowers stating that a bouquet should have only one type of flower. Many flowers work very well together and can be mixed, as hydrangeas and roses, peonies, tulips and lilies. An idea for bouquet is select a color, the white of example, and assemble a bouquet with hydrangeas, roses and white tulips. Or you can opt for a predominantly white bouquet with different colors discount plus size wedding dresses( ) to accent - color pink hydrangea with white roses is a possibility. And do not be shy about adding other materials to complement the flowers, like white peacock feathers.

Size Options

Since the hydrangeas are flowers with natural frills, you do not need many to make a bridal bouquet. In fact, one idea is to let the sweet and simple bouquet, featuring three hydrangea bunches tied with lace, tulle or ribbon. Brides will have a smaller wedding, more intimate or a wedding in the field can consider this option. For brides who will make a big and flashy party, however, a bouquet of hydrangeas can be arranged to look huge, offering a contemporary aesthetic.

Solid colors

Some brides want the bouquet in solid white so it does not get the attention of the wedding dress. If the bride has chosen a whole bunch of one color, use white hydrangeas to create a robust and frilly bouquet. The many petals of each hydrangea bunch can be put firmly together so as to appear that the bouquet was embroidered, and the flowers are a single large flower. If the preference is for a colorful bouquet, but of a single color, the bride can choose from other varieties of hydrangea, like the color pink and blue.

Multiple colors

Various colors of hydrangeas  can be mixed in a bouquet to create a rainbow of hues. What is important to keep in mind about hydrangeas is that each petal has different shades. For example, a color pink hydrangea may have a green ring at the end of the petals, although it is quite pink throughout the remainder of the petal. Thus, by combining two or more colors of hydrangeas, the bouquet can draw attention and act as a piece of emphasis on the bride's look.

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