For a beach wedding, make a bow or hut with bamboo to give a tropical look. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material, strong, lightweight and inexpensive. You can make a bow in a few hours or less and adorn it in various ways plus size wedding dresses( ) . Arches are quite popular as a central focus in wedding ceremony decorations. Huts can be used in the same way, giving guests total visibility of the couple.


1.Compre bamboo sticks. You can make a simple arc with only three of them, but a more significant requires 12. They can be purchased online or at nearby stores. Even if there is no bamboo in stores, they can order for you.

2.Amarre the bamboo sticks. Throw four of them on the ground, making sure they are uniform. Mooring a long string around the first at a distance of about 30 cm from the bottom edge. Tie a knot and hold well. Using the same length of string, continue winding the second stick and again, making a knot to hold well. Continue the process until all four poles are tied together. If desired, repeat the process backwards with the same level of strength to hold.

3.Repita the process of tying up the rod string up to 30 cm. The procedure will be repeated in the other group of four rods. These two groups will serve as abutments of the arches.

4.Deite final sticks and repeat the tying process from Step 2. These will serve as the top of the arc. Depending on the look you want mother of the bride dresses( ) , you can align the edges or leave them loose.

5.Posicione the side supports and the top fixing them to the base and aligning the floor of the top rods in their final position. They may be the same size as the sides or can overcome them. Starting with side supports, screw and angule the upper section. The bamboo is hollow, then the bolt will swing until it reaches the next stick and hold. It would be very useful for help to one or two people at that time to hold the sticks and keep them firm while you the sticks. Use several screws on each side to ensure stability.

6.Prenda the bow on the floor. If you are on the beach, dig two holes of equal depth and bury the sets of rods. and compress the sand to ensure firmness. If not on the beach, use large buckets or wooden boxes full of dirt and rocks to hold the sticks. You may need to embellish them or disguise them so they do not detract from the arc.

7.Enfeite the bow with a decoration to your liking. common decorations for a wedding ceremony are the tulle, organza, flowers, ribbons and sheets. For a beach wedding, consider hanging large shells or starfish with wire or fishing line hanging from the arch tissues.

Tips & Warnings

Dip the bamboo in water and wrap it in tape before cutting it and stick it can minimize the fractures and cracks.

It is possible to make the upper curved  in an arc shape. Soak the bamboo sticks in water for at least three hours. Bamboo will be slightly flexible to bend it. Attach the bamboo in the desired format and let it dry. others fold it will cause breakage.

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