"So tell me what's the ultimate rock star look?" people ask me expecting that I should have the answer, being the designer of that clothing line called Fashion Rocks. Indeed, on Google, the search term "How to dress like a rock star?" is high on my list.

Most of us aren't rock stars and really don't know what it takes to be on tour all the time and rock out on stage at night, so it's a bit of a challenge to keep up that genuine look of
rock star, I understand. Of course I am not a rock star either. I put my rock 'n' roll idols on dresses, skirts, pants as well as other garments and accessories except t-shirts, because I think these icons deserve better than to be limited to one single piece of clothing, but
anyways - I get to this concept in another article - I feel like after more than a decade of designing and styling rock fashion, I should have an answer to that question of what makes a star rock after all.

So I've come up with a short list that should make it easy to meet that sort of challenge and if you just have at least 2-3 of these items handy, you're sure to have a rock vibe going:

1. THE SKINNY JEANS. Unless you are going for the hippie rock star look, the jeans must be the skinny type. Leggings will do. Also: nothing is worse than a fat rock star. Go on a diet, for crying out loud!

2. THE STUDDED BRACELET or anything studded. An easy way to say: rock 'n' roll.

3. DOC MARTENS BOOTS. It's the boot to have. Nothing rocks and kicks butt more. The Converse sneaker can be used during Summer instead.

4. EMBROIDERED ROCK PATCHES. Frankly if your wardrobe is too clean it does not come across well here, so you need to spice things up or grunge things down a bit. The best way to do that is to add some patches to your jacket or pants, you gain instant rock cred.

5. MOTORCYCLE LEATHER JACKET. Yeap, it's true - without this rock essential your look just won't come together. If you must trade the leather, opt for denim. The Ramones proof this every day.

6. TOP HAT. No clue why this item rocks but it does. Put it on and see yourself transforming from a gray mouse existence to the glamorous VIP appearance. If you can't get your hands on one, go with a Fedora, that will do.

7. PRINTED ROCK ICON T-SHIRT OR T-SKIRT. Try to hang on to a true rock star, that is a sure way to gain recognition for your look, don't be shy!

8. THE HAIR. Although not a clothing piece, an essential. Must be long and full or short and spiky. It must be messy or else you won't qualify - no way! And don't forget to put on some shades...

9. RUFFLED SHIRT OR BOW TIE SHIRT. This type of shirt reminds everybody of Jimi Hendrix or Prince and is sure to add rock star flavor, especially on a man.

10. SOMETHING GLITTERY. That can be make-up (together with a nice dark eye) or a sparkling fabric. Always remember: sparkle is glam.

Alright then, you are ready to go out and be a star! A rock star that is.

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