Well, you should always create a distinct fashion statement based entirely on your body shape rather than focusing just on the trend. These days, women are getting encouraged and are trying to wear every type of dress. Though it is fantastic, it is essential to consider your physique and sizes. It will allow you to carry your attire and walk around confidently.  No wonder how expensive or cheap casual bodycon dresses you are wearing, you need to ensure that you look beautiful and elegant.

Where confidence is the key in fashion, it is also essential to check for your dimensions and wear something which highlights your features and look to flattery on you.  The idea of bodycon came from two terms, body and contraction. Just like its name, these dresses available in Prestarrs are made to fit our body perfectly somewhat like a glove. The first bodycon garment was worn back in the year 1910 by women. The style was brought back to life by Herve Leger during the nineties.

Made keeping the figure of skinny and curvy girls in mind, casual bodycon dresses are accepted these days mainly by women of all body types. However, when wearing these dresses, you need to check your body shape and ensure that the dress does not highlight your flaws. You can purchase a sexy bodycon dress and pair it with eye-catchy women's cashmere sweaters and get the look you always craved for.

Apple Shape

In women of this body type, mass is accumulated more on the upper area. Having big breasts, broad shoulders and an undefined waistline, you should choose for bodycon dresses which accentuate in the shoulder region or have some loose fabric. A short dress for showing off your legs would be an excellent idea. However, you should avoid using a belt in the mid-section as it would create a remarkable impact on your look.

Pear Shape

Unlike the apple-shaped figure, the pear-shaped body women’s wide hips. Often it creates an illusion which makes them look shorter. So, you must always opt for dresses which make you look taller by concealing the width of your hips. You can try wearing a bodycon concentrating on your upper part and add up the style factor by pairing it up with women's cashmere sweaters or some fancy jacket.

Banana Shape

Women having shoulders and hips of the same width are known to have a straight or banana-shaped figure. If you are one, then try going for a dress which highlights your shoulder and hips. Ruffles being the best choice, you need to make sure that your dress gives a perfect hourglass effect to your body shape.

Hourglass Shape

Known for the accentuated waist with breast and shoulders having the same width, you need to try for dresses from Prestarrs with a belt of fancy decoration near the waistline, it will highlight your curves, giving it a classic shape. V-neck suits this body shape much and gives it a balanced look.

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