After countless hours of looking at wedding dress photos and trying on gowns, it might seem like all of the bridal attire decisions have been made as soon as the dress is purchased. But there are some small details that can have a big impact on the overall appearance of a wedding gown.


Bridal undergarments and wedding lingerie play an important part in how the wedding dress will fit. The right undergarments will support the wedding dress, providing a smooth foundation for everything to look just as it should. Because wedding lingerie can change how a wedding dress fits, it is important that the bride decide on her bridal undergarments prior to her first gown fitting.


Choosing a Bridal Bra

The bridal bra is the key piece of wedding lingerie. Many of the other bridal undergarments are determined by the style of the bridal bra, so choosing the right bra is essential to the proper fit of a wedding gown.


Like wedding dresses, bridal bras often have unique sizing charts. For example, a woman who normally wears a 34B bra, may have to go up or down a size depending on the style of her dress and the style of the bridal bra.


Bridal boutiques and  weddings fashion ,  stores often carry many different styles of bridal bras, with varying amounts of embroidery and decoration. When choosing a bridal bra, the first thing a bride should consider is the style of her wedding dress. The neckline, the bodice, the back of the dress and the style of the skirt all play a key part in what bra to choose.


One of the most common bridal bras is the long line strapless bra. This bra begins at the bust line and ends at the waist, with multiple hook-and-eye closures for additional support. A long line bridal bra has boning along the corset to better support both the bust and the dress.


When choosing a bridal bra, the bride should consider the comfort of the bra, how it fits with the wedding dress, and the return policy of the boutique in case the fit needs to change prior to the wedding day.


Wedding Body Slimmers

Old-fashioned girdles caused pinching and pulling, and have thankfully been retired from the wedding undergarments world. But body slimmers with new technology offer similar support without the negative side effects. Lycra and Spandex, carefully placed within the wedding body slimmer, provides lift and support while moving easily with the bride throughout the day.


Some of the bridal body slimmers available include:


Waist slimmer, for a more dramatic hourglass look

Slimming shorts, that smooth the hip and thigh

Tummy slimmers, which slim the stomach and abdominal area

Total body slimmers, which act as a body suit, slimming the entire body

While wedding body slimmers have advanced, choosing a slimmer that is comfortable is crucial to a bride feeling and looking her best on the wedding day.


Wedding Panties

Many brides choose to wear something slinky and sexy on their wedding day, not taking into account that comfort is more important than appeal. Many wedding panties have decorative embroidery, rhinestones, or features that could be easily seen through the wedding gown.


Bridal Hosiery

During the warmer months, hosiery is not always necessary, though some brides prefer to wear a pair of pantyhose in lieu of a body slimmer. Pantyhose are also ideal for sheath weddings fashion , which lend themselves to showing panty lines more easily than other styles of wedding dresses.


Beyond pantyhose, some brides opt for a garter belt, with hooks to hold up hosiery that comes to the thigh. The garter belt sits at the waist , with the hose being hooked on both the front and the back. Garter belts are available in many sizes and styles, but a good fit is essential.


Regardless of which type of bridal hosiery is worn, a backup pair should always be within reach. Sheer hose tend to snag easily, causing unsightly holes and runs in the stockings.


When it comes to choosing the best wedding lingerie and bridal undergarments the bride should consider not only how they will work with her gown, but how they will feel over the course of a day. While some of the bridal undergarments may be comfortable for an hour or two, they may not be realistic for an entire day. The last thing a bride should remember about her wedding day is how often she had to adjust a garter or tug on her bra.

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