• Hello. ML stands for Machine Learning as a Service. The simple definition of ML is machine learning technology brought in from another business.
    Using ML means that the calculations are done outside your company - you pay for the machine learning services you need, and the data can be stored on your personal servers or in the cloud.
    ML software can be used to automatically analyze online product reviews and respond to customers, streamline processes by automating such tasks, like ticket routing, and even to control drones
  • Hey! Prompt a good article about banking and machine learning, thanks!
  • That's an interesting question Rekka. Eventually, businesses are known because of their web or mobile applications nowadays. I am going to share a few significant reasons why mobile apps are crucial for business development:

    Customer Loyalty - Mobile, web or social media presence of a business definitely enhances customer loyalty. Especially, when businesses allow customers to perform one-way or two-way communication through such applications.

    Data Mining - It is the preference of every business to get details of their target customers or potential buyers to make them aware of upcoming products and services. With the help of mobile applications, it has become very quick for them to get such details of customers. However, businesses should also go with scalable mobile app infrastructure like this to uninterruptedly engage their audiences.

    Marketing Assistance - Mobile applications also help businesses to achieve marketing goals more smoothly. With valuable leads, it is also rapid for companies to convey their promotional messages to users.

    The further reasons that make software and applications important for businesses are better customer communication and strong brand building.
    How to build a scalable mobile app infrastructure?
    Are you looking to scale a mobile app infrastructure? Here is a tutorial detailing real-life lessons of how to scale mobile application infrastructur…
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