How can you maintain your cheap wig?

The maintenance are decide the wigs’ lifespan and influences the looking of natural and smooth. If your wigs are without pretty maintenance, the hair is frizz and messy and the lifespan is short. To gain a more beautiful-looking wig, we recommend maintaining your cheap wigs follow these tips.


First, brush your wig regularly

Apply a wide-tooth brush that is specially designed for synthetic hair wigs to remove the knots of wigs are helpful to maintain the looking. Gently brush your wigs from the end and work your way up to avoid pulling and tangling. Regularly brushing your wigs can make wigs more smooth and pretty. 

Second, store your wig properly

The storage environment of wigs can influence the fibers of wigs. To make fibers in good condition, store your wig in a wig stand to keep its shape. The environment is suggested in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight as heat and humidity can damage the fibers.

Third, cleaning your Wig rightly

Depending on the frequency you wear a wig, wash it after 8-10 wears for your synthetic hair wigs. For human hair wigs, you can wash them for about 6-8 wears. Apply the shampoo and conditioners that are special designed for synthetic hair wigs or human hair wigs to wash your wigs gently. Rinse the wig well and gently pat excess water with a towel. Rubbing or squeezing the wig too hard may damage the fibers.

Fourth, style your wig carefully

Synthetic wigs are not designed to withstand high heat, so it’s better to not use a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron on the wig. Using a styling product specially designed and heated at a low temperature to carefully style your wig if you need to style it. 


The cheap wigs need more attention on maintenance which needs more protective products. Good maintenance can make your cheap wig last for a long time and express pretty looking.

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