Homemade jams can be beautiful decorations for the wedding party tables or favors for your guests. They can be purchased camo wedding dresses(http://www.weddingdresstrend.com/en/camo-wedding-dresses ) , but it is more fun, and usually cheaper, make them yourself. Also, you can customize the flavors and colors to match your personal taste and the wedding theme.

Cream cheese candies with mint

cream cheese candies with mint are beautiful and delicious treats, traditionally made for weddings. Revenues have small variations, but the basic ingredients are cream cheesee, mint extract and confectioners sugar. The cheese and the extract are mixed and then the sugar is added. They can be molded, acquiring an elegant look. After addition of sugar, dough balls are placed in the form of rose design, flowers or any other desired reason. When removed, they look delicate and have a delicious flavor.

Chocolate Lollipops

These lollipops are made using molds and tempered chocolate. The forms come in many different varieties of designs - as hearts, wedding bells and doves - but you should use the one that matches your theme simple wedding dresses(http://www.weddingdresstrend.com/en/simple-wedding-dresses ) . Melt semisweet chocolate or milk in a pan in a water bath or in the microwave. Mix with edible wax to facilitate molding. Pour the chocolate into molds, place a piece of paper on top and let them harden in the refrigerator. They come out of forms easily and can be packaged in decorative ribbons and plastic. Use white chocolate mixed with food dye to create lollipops of colors you want.

Butter candies with mint

These are popular homemade pastries that combine well with weddings. They are similar to cream cheese with mint, replacing the cheese butter. The other recipe ingredients are powdered sugar, water and mint extract. Butter sweet mint can be shaped by hand or in forms. Unlike cream cheese, they must dry for one to two weeks, then require advance planning.


Truffles and chocolates homemade goodies are perfect for your guests. They take cocoa, icing sugar, cream and butter as the basis of the recipe, but you can add any type of ingredient, from hazelnut and coffee to white chocolate and fruit. Truffles can have fillings of fruit or nuts and can be decorated with chocolate cheap plus size wedding dresses(http://www.weddingdresstrend.com/en/plus-size-wedding-dresses ) or gold flakes. They are a great choice because it can be made to match the wedding decor. Serve in small trays in the party or put them in boxes to distribute as souvenir.

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