There are so many types of women clothes and footwear available in the market. Clothes and footwear are used to express an individual’s personality, identity, taste and preferences. These items come in all sorts of colours, shapes, sizes, hues, designs, and materials, which is why they are perfect for anybody any day and occasion. There are a variety of shoes available for women that one can use to pair with any outfit.

  1. Coats and jackets.

Women coats and jackets are garments for the upper body that usually have a mid-stomach length. They usually have sleeves and may be fastened in the front or side. Jackets are tighter-fitting and less insulating than coats but can be quite fashionable.  Many high-quality jackets are made of leather since it can protect against cool and I durable material. Women coats and jackets comes in different designs, styles and colour all affordable at an affordable price.

  1. Women boots.

Women consider boots as versatile as they can be worn in different occasions without killing the outfit. Boots usually cover the entire foot and ankle and others even go higher to the thigh. Most of the boots are designed with a heel that separates at the sole of the boot. Boots are so comfy and they have high functionality as they protect the feet from mud, cold, and more. Boots are available at cheap prices.

  1. Maxi dresses.

Maxi dresses are dresses that reach at the ankle or to the floor in length. These dresses come in various designs, patterns and colours. Maxi dresses especially those in bold prints are incredibly flattering and visually elongate the legs when worn with a pair of wedges or heels. And speaking of flattering, a maxi wrap dress is pretty much universally so, with a defined waistline and V-neckline. Floral maxi dresses are available at cheap prices.


Shop for things that you feel comfortable in wearing and ones that will make you look fashionable and stylish. Experiment different things to get what fits your body size and shape and what’s appropriate for a certain occasion and weather. The sky is the limit. At Prestarrs, we got everything that you need for all your fashion needs. Visit our website and view our clothes and footwear.

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