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Hello, I am new to the fashion industry.  I am a professional graphic designer and I want to start my own line of graphic t shirts.  I thought it was going to be somewhat easy to start but unfortunately I haven't been able to find a company that can do the t shirts and the screen print.  I am from Honduras and everywhere I go they tell me  it will be hard to find the type of textile and colors I want.  But I get confused when they tell me that because when I buy t-shirts in the USA I always read the tag for curiosity to find out where are they made and many of them say "made in Honduras", "made in Guatemala," and other countries.  So my question is what is made in Honduras? or Guatemala? is it just the confection part?  for example American Eagle, there t shirts are made in China, Haiti, Cambodia etc.  Does American Eagle send the textile?   and then the screen print is another story, they only do standard size here, and not over size.   So can someone explain me how everything works?  how can I get my own textile?  I mean it is only 100% cotton, sometimes a mix of cotton and polyester.  I really want to get into this business so bad!    I am on my own on this and I thought to find help with the experts.

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